Friday, November 19, 2010

love the way you lie

can't stop listening to this song,,
play over and over,,
non stop,,
and latest,,
love the way you lie part two - Rihanna feat Eminem
this time,,the song belongs to Rihanna album,,
its a bit slower than the Eminem's one,,
but the lyrics is great,,
and my favorite lines are,,
"even angels have their wicked schemes,,
and you take death to the new extremes,,
but you always be my hero,,
even though you lost your mind"
love the way you lie,,

p.s. to all the boys reading,,if your gf is not Rihanna,which is absolutely no way your gf is Rihanna,,then she never will love the way you lie,,especially if you effin'ly obviously not Eminem,,fullstop.

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