Sunday, August 28, 2011

hey angle you duh sexy!!!

hello people,,
for those who are vlogger or youtube comedy addict,,
you guys should really love this guy,,
its John Luc,,or better know as mychonny,,
chonny's is an Australian,,but he's an Asian,,
yeahhhh another funny Asian i found adorable after Ryan Higa!!!
Chonny is a Vietnamese mix with Chinese i think,,
and he's tagline are "hey angle you duh sexy" and "do you clean the toilet yet?"
he's craziely funny and an adorable idiot!!!haha XD
he's video are superb and just awesome,,so cute and damn hilarious!!!i cant even stop laughing!!! XD
check out his vid on youtube yeahh,,do subscribe him!!!
here are some of his vid,,and these just some of the best,,

B+ again?!!! YOU DIE!!!! XD

you want some juice? my God!!! ROFL!!!

he basically have four you tube channel,,
its mychonny  where he made like acting or situation video,,usually he have these vary characters,,
the popular characters are his dad and his mom,,damn LOL okeee,,
second channel is yourchonny,, this channel basically like a stand up comedy,,like off the pills in nigahiga's channel,,you know,,and yeahh,,i love yourchonny better than mychonny,,because its damn hilariouser,, and he's shoooo cute!!!!
third one is chonnyday ,, this channel just show any bloopers from his other videos in mychonny or yourchonny and also his daily life as a chonny,,haha,,he's crazy,,so his vlog are funneyh all the time,,also featuring his best buddy fag,,well know as YO Fag!!!! haha,,you gonna love him too,,but chonny is cuter,,of coz!!!
the last channel is chonnygame,, i never watch any vid from this channel coz yeah,,im not a gamer,,but chonny is a hardcore gamer,,so he kindda like suggesting games or i dunno,,games thingies lah in this channel,,for those who love to play games should watch this channel maybe,,
and his dad will sometimes appear in his video,,, 
and his dad are damn funneyhh too!!!!haha,,
in chonnyday,,you'll spot his sister,,but chonny never reveal his sister face,,only the feet sometimes,, -.-"
and some fans are just eager to look at his sister face,,lol,, especially the boys,,lolollll
and yup,,chonny is a big fan of kpop,,how cool eyh?
and he's so crazy over SNSD,, especially Jessicuhhhh~ hahaha,,Jessica lorrr,,
i hate SNSD but yeahhhh its okay,,i love chonny,,
so yeah people,,do watch him on youtube,,
or buy his 'hye angle you duh sexy' t-shirt,,do subscribe him yahh,,
ouh yeah,,his jokes are kinnda,,urmmm how to say eyh,,harsh??nope,,urmm,,his jokes are ridiculously funny so he kinnda curse lots than nigahiga did,,so yeahh,,be open minded eyh,,hehehe,,he's cute,,you gonna love him,,i promise mehhh,,
okee people,,ttyl,,

p.s. hye angle you duh sexy,,deyyyyymnnn~ Asians rocks the you tube mehhhh,, XD  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

jangan bandingkan,,

well,,setelah beberapa malam aku ponteng pegi teraweh,,
melupakan terus semangat pada mlam pertama teraweh,,
konon nk penuh tahun ney,,
hampa,,aku malas,,aku layan sngt malas aku,,
layan sngt rancangan tv,,layan sngt internet ney,,
td,,mama n babah balek dr surau,,
duduk2 minum n makan2 siket,,
abah tegur,,
knape x terus lg g teraweh,,
aku ckap td pening kepala,,
bnyak sngt alasan kau,,

abah : ari tuh abah napak budak laki mane nta dlam kete,,abah nk g surau,,korg keluar mlam2,,budak lelaki tuh x solat teraweh lah kn,,
aku : hmm,,dye tuh mmg kene ade,,tp ramai2 kan,,x de lah fitnah ke ape ke,,
abah : kalau dah x g solat teraweh tuh,,nk jdkan suami ke? ari tuh pun abah dah tegur,,budak laki mane telefon kau time2 org tgah berteraweh,,ingt elok?kau pun same,,teraweh tinggal2,, (it was last year,,tgah on phone siap nages2,,sekali abah masuk rumah sbb nk amek kunci kereta nk g solat kt masjid Wilayah,,time tuh bru abes isyak)
aku : err,,ala abah,,time abah umur 21 dulu,,abah penuh ke g teraweh?x kan abah x berseronok dgan kwan2 langsung
abah : mane kau tahu abah x g teraweh?x smestinye muda je x payah g teraweh,,x yah solat penuh,,x yah pkey pasal mati,,psal akhirat,,kalu mati muda mcamane?rugi kan,,x payah nak banding banding kan time abah muda dgan korg sekarg,,nati mati,,amalan kau dr muda jugak ko bawak,,dosa kau dari muda jugak kau bawak,,
aku : mmg lah,,tawu,,tp kami tahu,,berseronok ade batas dye,,yg wajib kami buat jugak,,
abah : kalau teraweh pun nak x nak buat,,yg wajib tuh,,x tahu lah,,org yg solat ney pun kte x tawu iman dye,,ape lg yg x g solat?iman dye mcam mane?nta dye nk buat ape2 kt perempuan (aku pun lupe ape kene mgene ney) tawu pun berseronok ade batas,,tp kau ade buat?ade jage batas?
lepas tuh,,mama n babah cerita macm mane atok n nenek dorg meninggal,,
kisah2 org kmpung yg baik amalan dye,,
atok abah aku meninggal sng je,,
meninggal dlam solat,,sbb dye snang je,,
amalan dye,,sedekah dye,,
ade jgak yg matinye susah,,
smpai bdan dah cecah lantai bru boleh pergi,,saket aku dgar,,
aduh,,mmg aku muda lg,,belum pun 21 lg,,
tp,,x kan nk tunggu 40,,50 nati baru nk solat sunat,,solat malam,,
baru nk bace quran dan dalami kalam Allah itu,,
mmg sekarg ney aku buat semua tuh,,
tp tinggal2,,suke hati aku je,,
nak bace,,aku bace,,
kdg2 solat pun x doa,,bz sngt lah konon?
kenape ade peluang untuk minta belas kasihan dr DIA tp aku bazirkan,,
angkuh nye aku,,
td berita,,smalam ade budak 16 tahun meninggal accident kat Kedah,,
meninggal lepas balek dr teraweh,,
insyaallah,,harap2 Allah tempatkn dye dikalangan org2 yg beriman,,
aku,,aku cume doa td,,agar aku akan tetap iman aku,,
istiqomah,,berterusan sujud kpd Allah dan menghayati kalam kalam NYA,,
mungkin berhibur tuh aku masih perlu,,
tp,,yup,,jage batasannye,,
Ramadhan maseh ade,,
mungkin maseh sempat merasa keindahan Ramadhan,,

p.s. kdang2 aku terlalu tgok org lain dan bandingkan dgan diri aku,,mcam,,"ouh dye tuh penah berzina,,aku x penah pun,,so aku lg baik lah kn" and yup,,that was wrong,,aku patut bandingkan aku dgan diri aku yg lalu,,adakah aku makin baek atau makin teruk?macam tuh baru boleh baiki diri,,insyaallah.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

random !!!

well today was awesome,,
maybe a bit sad,,since it my last day at work,,
so long adek2,,especially my adek yuna,,
fortunately smpat bg dye that note and duet raya,,haha silly punye kak yuna,, XD
he's damn cute td,,
mule2 blur2 je sbb mybe dye pelik asal je kak yuna ney nk bg aku sampul raya ney,,
then maybe lepas dye tgok what inside the sampul,,
dye dtg balek with a very cute face and a cute smile,,haha damn cute gile,,
dye dtg balek sbb nk tanye aku nk g mane,,cute gile
with his hand pangku his chin,, "kak yuna nak pegi mane?"
haha,,comel lah adek yuna ney!!!
and his last 'bye bye' was damn cute!!!cutest!!!
me and jejah was damn excited,,haha,,silly!!!
rase cm budak2 sekolah lg -.-" and we kindda forgot that we are reaching 21 very soon!!!haha
i hope he do well in his PMR,,so do adek2 yg laen,,
ade certain x sempat jumpe,,the girls,,ade sorg tuh rapat dgan dye,,tp x jumpe dye td,,haihh,,
this kakak koop work is kindda boring,,but definitely fun,,haha how come kan?
yelah boring bile x de org dtg beli ape2,,
fun bile budak2 ney dtg and sometime its too   fun its stress me out haha!!!
nway people,,Ramadhan nak berakhir dah,,
for those nak balek kampung tuh,,
have a safe trip k,,
be happy with your love ones this Raya,,aminn,,

p.s. i hope he do text or call me :) 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

movie quote

emma : "you give me premature ventricular contractions"
adam : "i'm assuming that's a good thing?"
emma : "you make my heart skip a beat"

from the movie No String Attached

Friday, August 19, 2011

their intimacy annoyed me,,
cause every time i saw that,,
there's like a voice saying that,,
"i used to be that girl"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the girl who cannot break up,,
the boy who cannot leave,,
is  love that tiring?
just wondering,,how can old couple stay with their spouse together until forever,,
while the young ones keeps on wandering and changing spouses after spouses,,
maybe stick with only one person is a bit tiresome nowadays huh?
people come people go,,
love comes love go,,
nobody stay,,
and it just scary,,
since everybody seems to left you now,,
make you believe that you gonna be alone,,forever,,
i hate it,,
i hate being alone,,
who gonna find the candle when there is blackout?

who gonna put a smile back on my face after drying my tears?
                                                   i hate being alone,,
i hate it when its dark,,and i'm alone,,
and who gonna be there?

song played : the girl who cannot break up,the boy who cannot leave by Lessang

enjoy the song people,,

p.s. i dun wish to alone until forever,,i do wanna spouse too,,but make it legal,,aminn,,insyallah

Monday, August 15, 2011

oppps ouh,,
getting that flattering feeling again,,
a crush maybe,,
homaii,,i can get a crush after all the bullshit i've been getting from boys lately,,
he's not that handsome nor cute,,
he just attractive,,
he's funny and mature,,
a crush?
haha,,this is funny lala,,
a crush is a crush,,
it won't go anywhere further or lesser,,
x pe jugak,,ade jugak pemangkin semangat dlam organisasi tuh,,hehe :p
ouh yup,,this is crush,,adek yuna bukan crush,,just suke sbb dye cute,,
okee ttyl,,

p.s only now i can differentiate which feeling is which,,haha,,noob!!!
p.s.s since i am so lazy and dun really got time to online yelah sbb kene jage adek2 smakl kuh itu,,so post psal Sarawak mmg lmbt lg,,lmbt betul,,hehe,, :p 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

too many things happen in less than 30 minutes !!!
feel like wanna burst into tears but my ego just won't let me,,
i seriously feel that i get involve with too many wrong people this last two years,,
it suck,,it does,,
what more sucks is that you have to face them for another two years,,
working,,dealing with them,,
ugggghhhh ayte?
i have to be strong,,
omg i seriously gonna explode now,,
how can i even work with these people next sem lah,,
especially these three people,,
i just cannot escape,,need to bear it for the next two years,,damn!!!
omg i can't even explain how annoyed i am right now,,
even breathing won't help,,,
ok lala ok,,chill,,
remember,,that college is huge,,
there are so many others that are actually good to you,,
anis ade,,kak chan ade,,kak era,,ana,,duncit,,abin,,
rmai lah rmai,,
think of these people k,,
dun let what had happen that made u keluar baris last year happen again,,
i drop off from the line because of that one person,,
and only now i realize how stupid i am making such a decision,,
i never thought about the others that actually there for me,,
kawan2 lain tuh,,
i seriously need to improve my self in making a better decision so that i will never regret it later,,
the same in this matter,,
just bear with it,,
be professional even its killing you,,
you should keep your friend close,,but keep ur enemy closer,,
fuhhhh,,i can do this,,i can!!!
i will,,insyaallah,,

p.s. cepat lah aku bersih,,rindu DIA,,nak sujud,,jiwa x kan kacaw dah mcam ney lg,,kuatkan aku Ya Allah,,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

well,,he made my day,,
unknowingly the present of him heal my moody feel,,
you're amazing lah adek,,
it kindda sad to leave this work by the end of this month,,
should i ask for his number?
his 15 lala,,for under-age-boy's sake!!!!
i hope he grow up handsomely and we will meet again,,
haha,,silly -.-"
but seriously lah kan,,
okee mmg silly,, 
ouh ney dekat tmpat keje,,1st time dpat access smakl punye wifi,,
noob kan,,mmg -.-"
okee lah,,saje trying smakl punye wifi,,haha,,
ttyl people,,

p.s. ade org tuh hide wall dye,,yelah dah menyampah kot aku dok stalk dye,,hahaha,,fine lah,,bak kate pantun jejah,,pinggan x retak,nasik x dingin,,org x ndak,,aku lg x hingin,,hahahaha XD so yup,,go hide or go die i dun care i dun mind,, :p

Saturday, August 6, 2011

always there,,

to someone,,
i'm always here,,
i know you have some emotional crisis now,,
i still care,,
and i'm here if you need a friend,,a listener or even a shoulder to cry on,,
i used to be your bestie,,so i can do it again,,
i'm here ok,,just so you know,,i'm not going anywhere,,
and you know where and how to find me,,
you know who you are right,,
be strong dude,,

p.s. i'm a noob sbb dah 2 kali upload gmbar Sarawak tp x select,,seryes sengal,,haihh now kene do it all over!!!grrrrrr-ing -.-"