Sunday, September 30, 2012

brand new okeee,,

heeeee da tuka layout blog!
cool ennn?
excited sbb ade background vintage gituuu,,
and tulisan pun da variety ennn skunk,,
good job lah blogspot,,
tulisan ala2 cam tulis tgan gituwww,,
pdahal tulisan tngan sbenar x secantik ini pun -.-"
okeee layout baru semangat baru!
maybe semangat sikit nak tulis2 kaaan,,
so nah teaser untuk post Zoo Taiping,,
my one and only Simba :')
I promise you guys gonna love this lil' guy 

*hugs n kisses*

Saturday, September 29, 2012

its been a while eyh?
I seriously do get lost in here,,
its how berhabuk my blog is -.-"
how's life?
mine was,,yeah fascinating for the past urmm 6 months right?
got lots of new great friends,,
staying in almost 9 years friendship with The Z,,
happier than ever,,
heart is stronger as its heal it self,,
good job dear heart :)
I know what I want in life,,
I know what I need to do to get to it,,
so in conclusion it is pretty awesome,,
no more sorrow ayte?
well there's a lot to update anyway,,
it just I'm too lazy too write,,
to be inspired is not an easy thing ayte,,
besides I have twitter to tell story to,,
but as requested (konon!) by a friend,,
I'll try to active back here again,,
next post will be about my practical life at Zoo Taiping,,
awesome tale to be told,,
cant wait!