Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Harimau Malaya Hebat!!!!

squad Malaysia menang td menentang Indonesia,,
Tahniah,,dan terima kasih bnyk2,,
dpat jugak kte julang piala Suzuki tuh enn,,
laser x laser,,menang ttp menang,,
tahniah sbb Harimau dah buktikan yg dorg bkan sekadar hero kampung,,
keep the good work you guys,,
n special credit to the heroes of the night,,

Mohd Safee Mohd Sali
foward,,dye jaring kan tiga gol untk final Suzuki,,
2 gol kt Malaysia,,
n satu gol kebangaan di Indonesia td,,
tahniah gak dpat top scorer :)

Khairul Fahmi Che Mat,,
anda keeper terhebat Malaya lah bhaii,,
trebang sane,,terbang sini,,
paling best,,time dye selamatkan sepakan penalti dr tendangan kapten skuad Indonesia,,
mmg hero lah time tuh!!!
seryes korg hero Malaya,,
100,000 USD,,mmg berbaloi usaha korg Harimau oii,,
we so proud of you guys :)

p.s. x payah drama sinetron bagai,,x payah laser bagai,,kalau da hero,,ttp hero,,kan Harimau kan :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

the cats family,, :3

i love cats,,
don't you??
well,,in the animal kingdom,,
there are many cats,,
not only the cats that we make as our pets,,or the domestic cats,,
in the cats family,,these includes the big cats,,such as the lions,,the tigers,,the leopard,,
lets see for example the lion,,
this is the taxonomy of the lion species,,
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Mammalia
Order : Carnivora
Family : Felidae
Genus : Panthera
Species : Panthera leo
*source Wikipedia*
Felidae is the family for all cats,,
cats may also known as the felis,,
we can see the lion are closely related to the tiger,,the leopard,, as they share the same genus,,
tiger is known as Panthera tigris
while leopard is known as Panthera pardus
as i love to watched National Geographic Wild,,
i observe that,,even they share the same genus,,
however the lion,,the tiger and the leopard own a very different behavior,,
1st are the lions,,they usually live in group with one dominant male known as the alpha lion,,
the lioness are usually more than one,,and the lioness will breed with the only alpha lion,,
what makes lions more interesting is that the lioness are the one that will go and hunt for food,,while the alpha lion will only come and eat after the hunting is done,,and usually the other members in the group will only eat after the alpha lion done eating,,
ouh well,,he's is the king of the jungle,,he may do as he wish eyh,,
the alpha lion do show its dominant power,,
sometimes the alpha lion will eat the male cubs if he felt its position as an alpha lion is threatening by the male cubs,,
well,,it might sounds evil,,but however,,it is how the lion protect its territory and its position a the alpha lion,,
the lioness were also responsible to teach their cubs on how to hunt,,
it can be said that the lioness are the best hunter in the jungle,,
no prey can escape from their powerful paws and jaw,,
they can even hunt an elephant,,
and lions have a very strong bond and good teamwork,,
their hunting may not be strong without a good team work,,

the lion king :)
the lion and lioness,,i snap this at the National Zoo :)
the next big cats that i adore,,is the tiger,,
the tiger usually found in the rainforest,,
while the lion is found in savanna grassland,,
so that is why,,its impossible to find a tiger and a lion fight with each other,,
and yup,,its kinnda unfair to label the lion as the king of jungle,,because the tiger is also great in hunting and it conquer its territory very well,,
the tiger is not like the lion,,tigers do not live in group,,this mean they do not hunt in group,,
the tigress will take care of its cubs until the cubs is old enough to hunt by itself,,
with the same rules of nature,,the tiger(the male) will also sensitive about its territory,,
if any other male want to conquer certain territory or want to mate with the tigress in the territory,,it might have to defeat the dominant tiger in that particular area,,
the winning male will get the tigress as well as the territory,,
again,,taken at the National Zoo Malaysia :3
now lets move on to my last adorable big cats,,the leopard,,
leopard is physically smaller compare to the lion and tiger,,
the leopard and the lion however share the same habitat,,
sometimes,,in critical time and condition,,they might hunt for the same prey,,
the leopard,,like the tiger,,they do not live in group,,
and they hunt individually,,they are amazingly fast and for this,,with the help of their powerful cat's paws,,they will surely gain a prey,,
however,,sometimes,,,the competition for food are high,,
the leopard may sumtimes given up its prey to the lioness in certain condition,,
cannot be deny as the lioness is larger and more powerful than the leopard,,
the leopard is a smart cat as its can climb on tree very timid and fast,,
with this talent,,the leopard often safe its food up high on a tree,,
so that the lioness or ever the hyenas may never stole its food,,
it is sad now days that there are not much leopard left in this world,,
for its beautiful spotted skin,,the leopard are usually hunt for its skin,,
not only the leopard,,the tiger are also decreasing in number,,
the tiger is killed violently by illegal hunter for its skin and meat,,
well,,not only the illegal hunter is to blame in this matter,,
the big cat's home as well as the home to lots more endangered animal species is threatening by the human's development,,
if we continuously shave off their shelter for home,,
then don't ever dare blame em' if these powerful paws and jaws will someday hunt you as their food,,they are not to blame,,they're innocent and to blame is us,,
i really hope that the world will understand and have concern in this matter,,
we share the same world,,so the animal is count as having their own voice in this matter,,
and we do not deserve to destroy their home like what we've done know,,
it might be kindda late,,
but better late than nothing,,
so,,do little help to conserve our nature,,
for the sake of these adorable animal,,
and if you do not want to share your town,,your house and even your place to shop with these fierce and powerful cats,,and ends up being their lunch,,
so,,you might wanna help and be green,,
its not hard,,and there's always ways,,
save em' before its too late,,

p.s. can we please adobe those cute big cats and act like they are our pet cats??hmm,,risky but i loikeee!!!want one,, :3
ouh,,and thanks to National Geography Wild and also BGY3002 (Animal Biodiversity) for making me madly in love with animal :) especially the cats family

Sunday, December 26, 2010

. . .

ini tiga ekor anak2 kucing baru :)
huwaaa,,,comel enn,,
melampaw comel,,
x bg name lg,,
rituh ade ckap nk post psal wedding enn,,
humm,,mlas la,,
nta,,rase cm kecik ati pown ade psal wedding pic tuh,,
well,,im new kowt with this DSLR thingie,,
n dat time try capture every moment with manual mode,,
sbb manual punye shot lg nice,,
so bile manual,,dye kene pndai maen keadaan cahaya,,
mmg susah ahh,,dah ahh bru cube2 enn,,
sumtimes ade pic yg aku snap gelap,,
or yg ter over expose,,terang melampaw,,
then,,you know when you kindda put effort on taking the picture,,
on capturing the moment,,
then,,hum,,its not being appreciate,,
well,,that's kindda hurt,,
haha,,sbb tuh balek umah just pekasam the pic,,nk edit x dew hati,,nk tgok balek pown malas gile rase,,
wahaha,,klaw x da lame upload,,kt fb bgai,,haha,,
am i being too sensitive here??
haha,,nta,,well,,you know,,i put lots of effort,,
trying very hard,,knowing that i only own this basic cam,,
with no additional lightning or advanced lenses,,
so,,i have to try harder lah enn,,
haha,,nta,,they dun like it,,what to do enn,,
maybe bnyk sngt random picture,,
haha,,i just love taking candid n random shot,,
you know what,,i never meant to bought this baby Nik for fun,,
nak show off ke hape,,nk ikot trend ke ape,,
ingt murah ke just nk beli for fun??
i want it sbb ia akan bg bnyk kebaikan untk my study,,
when you actually study in the field that required you to observe things,,
to take note to your surrounding behavior,,
then its better to capture it with your own cam,,
to owned your own picture,,lg rase puas hati,,
lg snang nk observe and study the specimen or surrounding,,
mmg lah buat mase ney bnyk digunakn untk casual thingie jew,,
mcm saket gak enn dgr,,
alah cam jew mahal,,gmbr enset aku lg cantek,,
seriously,,im a biologist,,not a photographer,,
photography is my passion towards biology,,
the picture of nature,,
the capture of nature,,
this what makes me like photography as well,,
nati if x malas,,i'll post lah,,
da puas meluah perasaan,,haha,,

p.s. yeah,,Malaysia mnang 3-0 td,,laser x laser,,mnang gak,,wahaha,,another half match,,hope they'll win,,good luck harimau!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Running Man ! ! !

Running man ney variety show Korea,,
Korea mmg sngt bnyk lah variety show yg best2,,
n honestly aku mkin ske tgok variety show dr lyan drama,,
hehe,,sbb tuh x tgok2 lg Vampire Diary kt lappy ney,,
nati lah eyh,,
tgok ahh Running man ney,,
best,,dye cam race aww,,between two team,,
and team member of Running man ney terdiri dr artis2 Korea lah of coz,,
tuh yg mkin best tuh,,
da lah sume klaka2 member dye,,
my fav member is Kim Jong Kook,,

ouh my!!!his body tgok lah,,sexy abes!!!
n dye dpat nick name Sparta Kook dlam show ney sbb bdan dye yg buff abes tuh,,
seryes,,tgok lah!!!
kan best klaw Malaysia pown ade variety show camney,,
tp guest dye still nk artis Korea gak,,haha,,
ok x kan jd yg itu,,
okee lah,,nk smbung tgok Running man,,

p.s. ari ney ley lupe date ngan dorg untk maen badminton,,wuwu sori,,kene jage budak comel satu hari ney,,esk k,,promise! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

My lovely Taiping

wah wah,,,knon2 bdak baek,,hehe
ok ok,,
ney nak bebel pasal my hometown,,
Taiping Perak,,
tergendala kan rituh,,haih,,
now da ley upload pic,,
so meh jengok2 my home town ney,,meh ahhh,,
nice awww,,,i was born there,,
at the very own Hospital Besar Taiping,,
kampung lak,,belah abah is dekat Pondok Tanjung,,
kire area Taiping gak ahh,,
last weekend balik Taiping jup,,
wedding cousin,,so smbil2 tuh jlan2 pusing town,,
ouh gmbr wedding nati lah yer,,
plus i was the official photographer of the wedding,,
mi god enn??bdak mentah ney gak kene jadik photographer,,
with my just basic baby Nik tuh,,haih,,naseb lah if gmbr x pro,,hahaha
ok ok,,back to this lovely town,,
bnyak sngt tmpat2 best nk g lwat kt Taiping ney,,
hang kata lah,,mmg meriah lah,,
patut Taiping aww jd capital of Perak,,bkan Ipoh,,
hehe,,jgan marah yer org Ipoh,,
so,,tmpat yg biase dikunjung,,
1st,,is the great Taman Tasik Taiping,,
cantek bhaiii,,tenang,,redup jew,,
nak photoshot mmg best lah kan,,
meh tgok gmbr sket,,
tanpa kehadiran tripod gmbr kuh terumbang ambing,,huhu
i just love the greenness
see the bird?? :)
mama n abah :)
okee,,next pit stop is Brumese pool,,
wahhh,,tmpat yg cantek,,best untk berkelah mandi manda,,
tp smpat amek gmbr jew dat day,,
next time we go mandi2 lak k,,
see,,,cantek en??
rase cm nk terjun jew dlam air tuh!!!
okee next is Bukit Larut,,
x dpat naek dat day sbb tiket sold out!!!
omg!!!okee,,,kte tgok pic dr Google jew lah k,,
jup,,,cari jup,,,okee,,nah,,
dye gaya2 Fraser Hill jgak,,
sejuk nyaman,, :)
next pit stop is my fav!!!
Zoo Taiping,,awwww :')
you know how i love adorable animals ayte,,
dat day x masuk gak sbb mama nk sngt tgok the new born lion's cubs,,
the tukang jage tiket said usually dorg akn bg people hold n take pic with the cubs tp time kteorg g tuh,,one of the cubs dmam :(
so x masuk lah,,wahaha,,
okeee pic from Google lg,,
tgok,,,cute gile enn,,
wahh,,dpat pegang,,then cium2!!!
Ya Allah,,comel sngt!!!
n kt Zoo Taiping ade 14 ekor singa,,how cool!!!
i just love big cats like lion,,n tiger,,damn cute!!
night safari pown ade,,
haiwan2 kdang2 lebih aktif pd waktu mlam,,
okee next kte g cari tmpat mkan lak,,
okee ney tmpat yg aku recommended,,
the best lah kire in Taiping ney,,
Doli kuey tiaw goreng,,
dpat g mkan rituh,,wah baek punye,,
again Google jew k,,sbb mlam tuh lupe nk snap pic,,
bile mkan ngan kicap tuh,,perghhh,,sedap baek punye,,
lg satu tmpat must eat lah everytime balek Taiping is Cendol,,
okee,,,ney my pic,,hehe,,,smpat snap time mkan rituh,,
haaa,,ini lah stall nyer,,try ahh if dtg Taiping,,
tgok cendol dye,,,melimpah ruah,,sdap x terkire,,
my fav is cendol pulut with kacang,,jjang!!!
amacam best ak my home town??
bndar Taiping,,
best enn,,mesti,,
ouh,,nati nk upload pic Kelly Castle lak,,
smpat g n snap2 some pic,,mmg tmpat yg epic,,
tunggu aww,,,sbb nk edit2 sket,,hehe,,
subuh dah,,
selamat bersolat,,
p.s. suddenly missing my opah,,both of em' :(

Saturday, December 18, 2010

saya gay saya ok ??

mcam2 perasan aku dpat bile tgok vid ney,,
marah ade,,
takut ade,,
sedih ade,,
seorg melayu,,mengaku dia gay,,
bia lah kaum itu x penting,,
tp agama nye yg penting,,
dia seorang islam,,
tp canang kt satu dunia yg dye homoseks dan bangga dgan itu,,
"saya gay,saya ok"
aku marah sbb Malaysia yg dilabel negara Islam ney da boley ade badan2 mcam ney,,
seksualiti merdeka??
merdeka lah kite mcam ney??
halal kan sume yg haram??
fight for your right??
what to fight if its not even right??
aku percaya mane2 agama pown halang hubungan sesama jenis,,
lagi2 lah Islam,,
Allah laknat kaum2 seumpama ini,,
ingat kaum Luth??Allah terbalikkan bandar mereka,,
nak ke KL di terbalik kan??sume ke dalam tanah??
nak ke wahai saudara muslim ku??
aku takut,,ini kah salah satu pertanda kiamat??
aku takut weyh,,aku x sedia lg,,kau da sedia??
bile mane seorg sedewasa itu tidak dpat mengenal mane baek mane buruk,,
mane disuruh mane dilarang,,
aku sedeh sbb brother dlam vid ney seakan akan menyalah kan kaum malah agama,,
aduh,,saket pedih berapi bile dengar,,
bia aku quote siket ape dye ckap,,
"mmg tdak dinafikan agk sukar untk menjadi seorg gay di Malaysia terutamanye jika kite seorg yg Melayu,,kerana faktor agama dan budaya banyak mencorakkan kehidupan kite dan memberitahu kite ape yg kite boley jd dan ape yg kite x boleh jd,,"
tgok,,cube lah nilai kate2 bro ney,,
kau ade agama means ko ade pegangan,,
Islam itu cara hidup,,way of life,,
smemangnye kte perlu berpegang pd sesuatu dlam hdup ini,,
supaya kte x terjatuh,,x tersesat,,x terpesong,,
bro honestly kau da lost bro,,sngt lost,,
agama mmg untk mencorak hidup kite,,
itu yg indahnye,,bile ade peraturan ade landasan,,
x dinafikan bnyk gak peraturan2 itu kte langgar,,
itu fitrah manusia,,x dpat dinafikan,,
tp ini,,ini da rosak akidah bro,,
kalau btol ko islam even ko rase lah konon2 ko gay,,
ko fight,,ini salah,,aku x ley mcam ney,,
ALLAH ade,,kau cume perlu mintak tlg dye jew,,
HE always there,,
tp kite manusia sombong,,x nak mitak tlg kt DIA,,
anggap itu hak kite sbagai manusia,,
untuk ape jd manusia kalau tiada pegangan??
lg satu aku nk quote based on this vid,,
"tp kite kene ingat bahawa ape yg diberi tahu org lain,,ape yg diberitahu oleh guru kite ustaz kite kwan2 kite,,kbanyakannye dr pandangan seorg heteroseksual,,mereka tidak merasai dan tidak memahami menjadi seorg yg gay"
humm,,tgok,,slahkan pulak org yg actually tlg bgtahu dye bende yg betul,,
ape yg salah ttp salah,,
yg x boley ttp x boley,,
yg haram x mungkin dihalalkan,,
dah tuh ko nk sume org gay lah???konon2 ko ley bahagia lah??
nk kteorg pham??untuk ape??
sorry for this judgement,,
tp satu aku nk ckap,,agak mean,,
seryes en bro sia2 hdup ko selama 32 thun sbagai seorg Islam,,
satu bnde pown ko x blaja,,
ptut ko bersyukur ko Islam,,
ade kafir2 laknat tuh yg nak tahu psal Islam,,malah ade yg masuk Islam,,
tp ko??ko lari dr ajaran,,rosakkn akidah,,
and satu nasihat,,
aku tahu ney ko da dgar bnyk kali,,
tp bia bnyk kali ko dgar,,sbb arap dpat ubah hati kau,,
aku harap,,ALLAH bg hidayah kt ko,,
buka pintu hati ko,,
DIA maha penyayang,,maha pengampun,,
meh same2 bertaubat,,
insyaALLAH pintu taubat masih terbuka bro,,
saudara muslim laen yg membaca atau ade tgok vid tuh,,
jom lah doa same2,,harap2 mereka terbuka hati mereka dan pulang ke jlan yg benar,,
jom lah bantu mereka,,mereka saudara kite,,
kte ley judge dorg,,tp at the same time tlg lah dorg,,
sbb kalau ALLAH nak bg bala,,DIA bg kt satu kaum terus,,
sbb x ingat mengigati,,x bantu btolkan ape yg salah,,
ini mmg akhir zaman,,
aku seram,,dosa bnyak,,sangat,,
jom lah,,kearah kebaikan,,
insyALLAH maseh ade waktu,,
selamat beramal people,,

p.s. kadang2 kte terlalu sngt ingin kehidupan seperti yg dipapar dlam kotak televisyen tuh,,terlalu ingin kan kebebasan padahal tersesat dan terkurung,,

Friday, December 17, 2010

what goes around comes around,,

hey ho,,
sbenarnye nak post pasal kampung halaman,,
tp blogger x tawu ape masalah dye ngan aku,,
x dpat nk mengupload picca lak,,
x pew,,pekasam dulu cerita itu,,
ouh,,berbalik pada title,,
bak ape yg dinyanyikan oleh Justin Timberlake,,
"What goes around comes around goes around comes way back around"
and ade this one quote saying,,
"you'll get what you gave"
sebagai seorg muslim,,
aku percaya terhadap dosa dan pahala,,
pada pembalasan terhadap segala kesilapan yg aku commit,,
tp,,ade jgak yg Allah nk bg balasan tuh kt dunia ney,,
ape yg kte napak,,ape yg kte dapat,,
bala untuk dosa2 kite,,
yup,,itu lah what goes around comes around,,
tgok keliling kite,,
Allah nak tunjuk,,terang2,,terus terang,,
okee,,x yah tgok yg besar2,,
tgok yg simple2 dulu,,
simple,,tp still untk mengigatkn kte,,
cnth,,if kte fitnah org,,jual cite bukan2,,tipu sana tipu sini,,
mcam2 kite buat,,Allah tunjuk sekejup jew,,
bg kite sedar,,sedar2 kite dah atas katil dalam hospital,,
kaki patah,,lg teruk,,anak kesayangan kite cedera parah,,
lebih parah dr kite,,
tgok,,sekejup jew Allah tarik nikmat tuh,,
nikmat mase sehat,,
bia lah aku bg cnth aku pulak,,
humm,,aku pena ckap,,
bodo jew nages sbb lelaki,,
well now,,aku kene telan cakap aku sendiri,,
dah brape bnyk lah air mata abes untk lelaki,,
lg bnyk dr abes untuk kenang dosa sendiri kan??
kte manusia sng lupe,,bile da dpat saket tuh,,
baru sibuk cari ketenangan,,
fitrah manusia,,
aku pown x dapat lari dari ckap pasal org laen,,
gossip girl pulak,,
every gossip aku nak update,,
tp if org ckap psal aku,,aku marah lak,,
x ske,,
humm,,,again manusia,,
tp,,if x nk org ckap sal ko,,
kutuk ko,,umpat ko,,
jgan lah dok wat bende2 x senonoh,,
i mean ade dua bende org akan ckap,,
satu bnde baek,,dua bende x elok,,
bnde baek,,
aku pown ske if org ckap bnde baek sal aku,,
x kesah lah depan or blakang,,
bnde baek kn,,cam doa lah kire,,
tp bende x baek,,sape jew suke enn??
tp kte kene ingt gak,,
x ade angin,,pokok x kan goyang,,
kalu kte x nk org ckap2,,
jgan lah buat,,
or pndai2 lah simpan,,
ney da tayang gmbr bkan2,,
then org judge,,mara lak,,
pndai2 la nk idup,,
if kte x ley senyapkn mulut org,,
then kte try stop ape bnde buruk yg org ckap psal kte,,
tuh jew care nye,,
ouh,,sudah lah membebel,,
aku pown bnyk khilaf,,bnyak celanye,,
sdang dlam usia yg jiwa memberontak,,
sdang dlam usia yg celaru,,
mudah juga terpengaruh dan terleka,,tertipu
usia itu,,
ok lah people,,stop disini,,
have a nice weekend people,,

p.s. Allah dan tunjuk mcam2,,tp x nk taubat gak kn lala??x nak sedar2 gak kan??hummm :(

Monday, December 6, 2010

a date with Rapunzel

lepas seminggu berdemam,,
dpat gak kuar and meet my cyg2,,
damn rindu gile,,
nana,,aizzah,,kak ida,,aina,,atiq,,
taw n capik pown ade,,
atie tie jew x dew,,
x pew titi,,ts nati k,,
tgok Rapunzel td,,
best jgak,,nice animation,,and klaka and of coz sngt lah cute,,
n Eugene tuh ensem,,haha,,
tp cte dye x same ngan Rapunzel yg fairy tale tuh,,
then if da kat area2 Curve tuh,,of coz lah shopink enn,,
skunk tga sale untk Chritsmas,,
i bought a camera necklace!!!!
OMG,,,cute taw,,wane putih,,suke suke,,
then shop some make up,,
beli eyeliner,,sbb eyeliner elianto mmg the best,,
even skunk ade lg sbtg eyeliner yg x abes pkai g tp eyeliner tuh x best,,
susa nk apply,,
then grab lip gloss sbb dye off 70% gile enn,,
haha,,dr Rm15 jadik Rm4.50 jew,,yeay!!
then,,found my favorite author punye latest novel,,Dan Brown - The lost symbol,,
dulu time bday last year ingt nk suro abah beli kan tp sbb bru sngt kuar so dye mhal lg,,
now da mura,,ley la beli sendiri,,hehe
and akhirnye,,dapt gak beli conan,,da lame kempunan okee,,huhu,,jumpe gak ko conan oii,,
ouh,,gembira jgak even sekejup td,,
ouh yup,,and ney 1st time karok dgan dak2 ney,,
tuh pown ngan kak ida n aizzah jew,,
haha,,best best,,ley wat slalu,,hahaha ;p
okee,,,agak penat,,jom rehat jup,,
have a great Awal Muharram people,,
may we blessed in this new year of Islam,,

p.s. kpd kwan2 intake 31,,gud luck latihan berterusan dan annual camp ney,,enjoy n elok2 taw,,jgan menuang,,semoga korg mara dgan berjaya :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ketuanan Melayu

salam :)
sy sudah baek dr demam,,yeay!!!
ok,,jom serious sket jom,,
ok,,ape itu ketuanan Melayu??
aku Google,,dapat kt Wikipedia kot bhaii meaning dye,,
"Ketuanan Melayu (Malay for Malay supremacy or Malay dominance) is the claim that the Malay people are the tuan (masters) of Malaysia. The Malaysian Chinese and Indian-Malaysians who form a significant minority in Malaysia, are considered beholden to the Malays for granting them citizenship in return for special privileges as set out in Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia."
mmg aku ingt bnde ney,,time blaja sejarah dulu pun ckap bnde ini,,
Melayu mesti lah dominant,,ini dulu Tanah Melayu,,Melayu punye,,
Bahasa Melayu bahasa kebangsaan,,bahasa rasmi,,
Islam agama rasmi,,
ini semua ade dlam perlembagaan kite,,
tp kebelakangan ney,,
bnyk sngt lah yg x puas hati dgan ketuanan melayu ney,,
padahal da brape lame idup aman ngan bende ney,,
skrang kenape nk bising??
apahal??jeles??aku melayu ko bkan,,ko x dpat msuk UiTM,,ko jeles??
aku melayu x UiTM pown idup jgak,,
tp masalah nye,,yg dok bising suroh buang istilah ketuanan Melayu ney adalh org Melayu jgak,,
jelas kebodohan di situ,,
kenape kan???bile ini dah mmg tanah kite,,tp mmg kene kongsi dgan mereka2 itu,,mmg x apa,,aman sahaja sepanjang 53 thun ini,,
tp knape nk buang ape yg mmg istimewa bg kite,,
mcam ade mate tp butakn mate tuh,,
ini bkan Kasim Selamat,,
bodoh lah mmg bodoh,,
kite Melayu,,dgan ketuanan Melayu ini pown maseh x dpat nak dominasi ekonomi,,tanpa ketuanan Melayu ini kite jd ape??kuli dan hamba semata2??
tanpa ketuanan Melayu ini,,jd ape anak2 Melayu di IPT sana??
mungkin x ada Melayu sudah di IPT nanti,,
hummm,,,aku pown x pham knapa Wan Azizah yg kononnya menegakkan keadilan itu kene bg statement mcam ini kn,,
kecewa lah haiii,,
dulu aku ingt PKR lah yg mungkin dpat ubah cara politik n sistem ekonomi negara ni,,
aku ingt PKR lah yg dapt bela balek naseb Melayu kt negara ney,,
tp sekarang??nak buang ketuanan Melayu??
x paham aku,,
mungkin skarg aku pham en nape lah rmai bdak2 baya aku mlas nk amek port pasal politik negara,,
kalau da name politik,,belah mane pown ade jew agenda dan helah nye,,
sume nak maen kotor manjang,,
bile buat bende baek seket,,jaja satu negara,,
padahal derma 2 ribu je pown,,cek sebesa dinding,,
turap jalan,,tuh pown time berkempen,,kalu kalah,,turap separuh jelah,,
ade wakil rakyat,,adun bgai,,tp bab2 kebajikan,,kene Bersamamu dtg dulu jgak barulah wakil rakyat ke adun ke dtg bg bantuan,,
x tawu lah,,
mungkin bile ade perasaan berkuasa itu,,mereka jd tamak,,
spatutnya org atasan kene jujur lah dlam kerja,,
jgan dok gaduh je dlam parlimen tuh,,klaka jew,,kalah bdak2 sekolah,,
ok lah,,aku pown cume remaja biase,,yg marah bile bangsa ku diperlekeh sebegitu,,
sbb sekarg mane ade da bahase Melayu kt Malaysia ney,,sekrg ade bahasa Malaysia,,
padahal,,Malaysia ney ade banyak bangsa dgan bahasa masing,,
tp kite pilih untuk lupuskan bahasa Melayu jgak kan??
sudah lah,,ini cume pendapat aku,,
x dapat mgubah ape2 pun,,
langsung x dpat ubah ape2,,
so,,gud nite readers and stalkers,,

p.s. lagi satu,,ade dua lelaki yg paling di menyampahkan oleh rakyat Malaysia,,haha,,satu Dr Rozmey ngan Dua Alam x gune die tuh n Uncle Seekers yg perangai same cam setan2 yg dye tangkap masuk dlam botol tuh,,g ahh bace blog si Uncle ney,,yg kes dye ngan bekas Permaisuri,,mmg panas!!!