Monday, May 30, 2011

Insidious review,,must watch!!!

okee,,mmg bnyak gile tgok wyang!!!
finally dpat gak tgok Insidious ney,,
watch it at MBO cinema,,Tesco Village,,
not bad la wayang dye,,just kecik,,and rmai org2 kuang ajar yg tendang2 kerusi sy,,
n jwab fon mcam wayang tuh atok dye yg punye,,
aiyoo,,gua bayar gak bhaii,,
okee,,x pew,,endure it,,walau kdang2 aku jerkah jugak org yg sepak2 kusi aku tuh,,
naseb jerkah,,kalau aku sepak balek,,haih,,okee,,itu mmg x kan jadik,,sbb x kn berani smpai cmtuh,,hehe
okee,,back to the story,,
if you ever watch any of James Wan movies,,
then you'll know that this guy is damn obsess with doll,,
contoh,,Saw,,Jingsaw doll tuh,,yup that kind of doll lah,,dang scary kn?
tp Insidious ney x bnyak sngt doll ghost mcam dlam Dead Silence,,
ghost dlam Insidious is extremely unusual!!!! seryes weyh,,
hantu dye sngt ridiculously scary!!!
mule2 cite dye mmg slow,,cam haihh,,cam geram lah,,slow gile,,
tp dah smpai tgah2 then smpai lah ke habis,,pergghhh!!!
rase cam naek roller coaster aww,,one after one suspen dye dtg,,
non stop!!! gile!!!
penat dow tgok cite ney sbb suspen n scary sngt,,
especially ade sekor hantu merah ney,,adoii,,gile night mare lah,,dang gile!!!
hantu dye sume physco aww,,
nak tawu jlan cite dye,,g tgok sendiri k,,
tp seryes mmg lain,,x mcam cite hantu biase,,sngt2 lain,,sangt!!!
and one more thing,,baru tawu,,James Wan ney org Malaysia!!!lahir kat Sarawak,,
tp dye bkan warganegara dah kot,,
wah,,tp still adore lah kan,,hebat kot dye!!!
kire cam tgok Saw n Insidious ney kire cam support local lah en,,haha,,
ouh,,lepas ney nk tgok Karak,,then cukup lah tgok wyang,,haha,,
kene keje lak,,kumpul duet,,instead of bazirkn duet jew en,, :p
okee people,,if sempat lg,,g lah tgok Insidious ney kt wayang,,
kalau x sempat dah,,cari lah mane2,,pndai2 lah,,haha

p.s. suddenly rindu that penguin,,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harry Shum Jr. i'm in love!!!

if you guys ever watch glee,,
then you'll know him,,
its the other asian,,or better known as Mike Chang,,
and in the second season,,this Mr. Hottie got a little more screen time than he got in season one,,
his dance,,his move and his abs will surely melt you,,
and he's asian!!!
SWAG ayte?? Something We Asians Got,,
since glee,,i've fall for him over and over,,
and google him,,
and watch his movie,,
he never really got any lead role,,
because he's well known for his dance rather than acting,,
he appear in Step Up as Cable,,one of the member of the MSA crew,,
he also appear in Stom the Yard,,
so i kindda search him on you tube,,
so check out what i found,,i can say that well he's a great actor actually,,
check these out :)

this is plain cute!!!
very classic romantic comedy ayte?
and see the way he did his face along with his move? dang awesome enn,,

3 minutes,,
wow this short movies is great!!!
this short movie reviled that Harry can also do action!!!
damn hot man!!! he's fighting moves does look like he's dancing,,awesome ayte? totally!!!

haha,,this one is cute and funny,,
he is kindda guy that can act in comedy very well :)

omg i love this one!!!
this showed that he can act as anything!!!
he can be funny,,
he is cute,,
he can do action and look dang hot!!!
i love this so much!!! so cute XD

and this one!!!! damn damn damn cute!!!
yeah!!! he teach you how to doggie yaw!!!
Brittany is cute right,,
and i always find Mike and Brittany are a great match,,
well hope they date in season three,,haha,,
they are the great dancers in glee :)
well,,i hope Harry will do great in his career and maybe got some lead role in any series or movies because i really thing he deserve it :)
i love you Mike Chang!!!
and i adore Harry Shum Jr. damn much,,
do check him out guys,,
till then,,taata,,
ttyl :)

p.s. demam dah pergi,,thanks Allah :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something Borrowed,,

so tadi,,job hunt with kak ida,,
kak ida dpat keje dekat Sweetly,,n i just dun wanna work there,,
so i accept the other offer that is to be a koop keeper kt satu sekolah ney,,
yup,,sound plain boring,,tp keje senang,,duet pown masuk not bad,,
so terpaksa lah berkerja bulan 6 ney instead of menghabes kn beras dan mkanan2 lain dan jadik lg gemok kat umah tuh,,yup,,plainly cruel -.-"
okee,,da setel carik keje,,dpat pown keje,,
me n ida decide nak tgok wayang,,hehe,,
mule2 da g Cineleisure tp x de lak Insidious yg sngt2 teringin nk tgok tuh,,
jd kami gigih gak g OU,,smpai2 tgok Insidious pukul 645,,so cam,,WTH??!!
so tgok je lah cite ape2 pun yg ade,,
so we grab this Something Borrowed to watch to,,
well,,the story line is simply cliche'
the blonde bestie with a brunette,,
the blonde is the fun,hot,have boyfie and a all-she-want-she'll-get kindda girl,,
and the brunette is the shy,single,smart,and a always-let-the-blonde-bestie-get-all-she-wants kindda girl,,
sound very very familiar ayte?
the same romantic comedy kindda story line,,
but somehow,,the comedy in this movie are more fresh and cute :)
and one thing that catch my heart is that this one common thing people always do in relationship,,
which they never follow their heart,,their words never match their heart,,
and end up being with someone else then with the one that they love,,
fuhh,,mmg susa kan kalau nak jadi mcam Darcy,,the blonde one tuh,,
this Darcy girl always win because she let out her heart 100%
tp kalau aku lah,,x kan lah nk ask the guy out 1st kn,,ish,,x cukup hot to do that,,
and of coz x ckup courage to do so,,
tp Darcy ney snang2 je dare Dex to ask her out,,cam gile daring enn,,
and they end up engaged,,
tp aku x ske si Dex ney,,jenis laki pengecut n mudah confuse,,
cam sngt2 grrr aww,,si Dex ney baru sedar yg dye sbenarnye in love with Rachel the brunette instead of Darcy,,just after Rachel blurt out that she used to have a crush on him,,
cam duhh!!!! nak tunggu the girl blurt out over a giggle juice dulu then only you realize and have the gut to kiss her? bullshit!!! damn coward,,
and just like that,,their relationship becoming so damn complicated,,
duhh!!!!and blame it on Dex sbb x dew telo nk confess kat Rachel after 6 years,,
then only now,,like a month before his wedding with Darcy,,only then! he confess,,f en?
yup,,the end dye cmane?
well,,g tgok sendiri k,,
haha,,however,,this movie is worth to watch,,
berbaloi lah 7 inggit ko tuh,,haha
okee la people,,
have a great evening,,

p.s. only if im as daring as Darcy kan,,haih -.-"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pirates with The Z,,haha

hello people,,
da tgok lanun dr pulau Caribbean?
latest punye woh,,
lanun atas ombak asing,,
okeee,,kteorg pegi tgok,,
sbb ade mia Johnny Depp aka Jack Sparrow with Captain somewhere between that,,
haha so wajib pegi tgok,,
walau mule digoda dgan cite2 lain sperti Insidious,,Nur Kasih,Priest dan lain2,,
tp ttp gigih nak tgok lanun jugak2,,
so bile pg tgok midnite,,
mlam minggu pulak,,mmg lah tiket sngt sadis,,
tp naseb baek dpt hack tiket org book tp amek lmbt,,
hahaha,,dpat duk tgah!!!! padan muke org yg x amek tiket dye book tuh,,
hehe,,sorry lah yer :p

so overall cite dye not bad,,
tp At the World's End lg best lah,,seryes lah,,
on Stranger Tides ney x bnyak lawan2 lanun,,
ade lwan pown x best,,
and Jack Sparrow pown kurang witty dye this time,,
dye cam agak romantik lak,,cam lah?? haha

and this time x dew da encik Orlando yg cutie itu,,
cam sadis kan? :(
Kiera yg cute pown x dew :(
tp ade this one priest and mermaid,,
well,,dorg kindda sexy lah,,cute gak,,
all the mermaids cam hot gile,,
mule2 cam baik2 innocent,,
then,,terus jadik garang n rakus,,
cam hell yeah mermaid!!!
tp agak scary lah bile mermaid yg spatutunye cantek lembut tuh tetibe jadik garang n makan org,,
cam erk?! O.o"

and like i said before,,
incik Jack Sparrow kite mmg romantik dlam Pirates four ney,,
sbb dye jumpe balek long lost lover dye Penelope Cruz,,urm,,ape nta name character dye,,
lupes,,okee bia,,
Jack siap sangup terjun gaung lah demi pompuan ney,,
and time nak abes tuh,,
Jack ade ckap 'always have,always will' 
cam woahhh!!! lanun tuh!!!
n sngt x sangke Jack adalah peminat setia Gossip Girl,,haha,, XD
okeee,,lepas abes tgok lanun,,
kami ronda2 KL,,
and tgok lah gmbr2 kami ney,,kalau sudi ;p
Husna kun,,
one of our future Doctor :)

Japanese Crepes yg x brape sedap,,haha

Charlie's Angels yaw!!!

with the moon!!!

nana yg berani mati untuk posing,,haha

cantek,,Atiq snap,,baru sedar bakat dye,,hahaha

mummy daddy,,haha
:) saya lah ney

dan cik nana yg mmg snang dijadikn subjek,,
sbb mmg suke disnap pic nye,,hehe,,so dye x bnyk songeh,,
okeee people,,
mama n babah sy pown da selamat balik dr umrah,,
happy gile!!!
tp no more kuar malam dah,,hehe,,
and no more sleepover,,
so,,lepas ney lepak2 cm biase je lah,,huhu
till then,,
ttyl people,,

p.s. i dun really understand,,why would i still crying? maybe just simply because i hate it when a word is not being done as easy as it said,,or maybe just because i really hope for it to happen,,but it doesn't,,so it hurts,,it hurts so bad that i feel like drowning in my own tears,,and i felt stupid for this,,very very stupid,,

Friday, May 20, 2011


hey people  :)
tgok gLee x?
dulu pown i x tgok,,
cam euww jew kan,,
tp time search2 lgu kt youtube,,
time tuh search cover song for marry you by Bruno Mars,,
then terjumpe yg glee version,,
n terus jatuh hati~
i love the way they express all the song they're doing,,
glee teach you to be confident,,
sing and dance all you want,,hit it all you want even the whole school trash on you,,
the freedom of singing n dancing,,
even i hate the drama in this series,,
and how a loath the leading couple,,Rachel n Finn,,
cause i prefer the other couple,,
but the fact that they did great in every single cover song,,
they are attractive enough to watch,,
and their teacher Mr. Schu is dang hot yaw!!!
and these are some of my favorite cover song by the cast :)

omg i freakin' love this one,,
they have a great duet,,love it!!!
so damn sexy!!!

this is a cover song from a musical called the Rocky Horror Show,,
and i cant believe Emma is this daring,,
and of coz Will are damn sexy!!! gosh!!!
yeahhh~ the best of all,,
my favorite wedding song :)
its so fun and sweet blending together,,
and the glee kids are having lots of fun,,
so great :)

this one is great too,,
just the way you are,, :)
Finn is damn sweet here,,
and it just magnificent that you can actually dance to this song,,
haha,,great cover guys!!!
and plus,,Mike Chang is one hot asian!!! haha
okeee people,,
glee might sound gayish,,
but they are one great bunch of people with great talent,,
so that's why i enjoy watching glee,,
jom smbung tgok!!!
have a nice day people :)

p.s. semalam da basuh baju sumer,,semangat nak kluar ari ney,,tp x jadi,,kecewa la jgak,, :( but its ok!!! mlam ney mia girls dtg sleepover lg,,terubat luke dihati,,ececeh,,hehe ;p

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ouh,,here we go again,,
let it be lah,,
ouh,,have a great day people :)

p.s. easy come easy go huh? its okay,,i'll be there,,still,,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

its Broga Hill people!!!

hey yaw all!!! 
post ney ade bnyk sngt sngt gmbar,,so hope korg enjoy the pic k :)
okee,,smalam,,kteorg the Z plus mia adek Azi pegi pnjt Broga Hill,,
kteorg tolak dr BSD kul 3.30 pg cmtuh lah,,n dlam pukul 4 sumthing kteorg da start pnjt,,
n gosh!!!gile penat,,n dah ahh gelap,,jlan mmg x nmpak,,duhh susah!!!
ade part curam yg extreme,,
so,,mmg pancit,,haha,,thanx to apiz n atiq yg sweet gile push aku smpai top jgak,,thanx dearies!!! 
dlam nk dkat kul 6,,kteorg da smpai kte second top kot,,aku,,azi,,wani n teddy lepak situ jew,,
yg lain proceed g puncak,,gile curam kot puncak yg pling top tuh,,
so mmg x ahh aku nak pnjt,,hehe,,
okeee,,now,,lets enjoy the great view from the Broga top,,
mmg awesome!!!
n please click the pic to enlarge n a better view :)

ney time subuh,,night view,,hehe
love birds yg sweet yg tunggu n push sy :)
ney ter snap kot,,x sangka lawa,,

the lalang was a great prop untuk shoot,,haha

at dawn,,

suke yg ney :)

azi disebalek lalang,,haha

tuh lah top yg kmi x naek,,haha

credit to teddy

tuh lah teddy,,haha,,second photographer,,haha

lalang lg,, -.-"

yeah,,,sunrise!!!! excited!!!

the ray!!!! happy gile dpat snap ray tuh :)


n ape x best jd org behind the lens is that mmg x ade gmbr ko lngsung!!!huwaaa!!!

suke ney!!!! cm best bile cam langgar rules picture,,yelah,,cm susa nk snap menghadap the sun,,tp best!!!

dah smpai bwah :) n pejalanan trun pown extreme,,haha,,naseb dah terang kn,,
chill dulu :)

the daddy,,haha

then,,konon2 nk g mandi sungai,,tp.......

tgaok,,waterfall konon!!!! tp air x best,, :(  so x jd mandi,,huwaaaa!!!!
muke sumpah penat -.-"
aina yg gedik :p

n ade org tuh kene pacat!!!! hahaha,,kecoh gile lah,,sumpah klaka,,satu gang tuh kecoh,,
mcam kene serang dgan rimau lah kecoh kteorg,,ahaha,,cian cik wani kte :)
pacat dlam process untuk ditanggal kn,,haha,,lepas pacat tuh tnaggal,,jaz trus ckap kt wani,,
'lari lari' n wani trus lari jauh2 dr pacat tuh,,hahahaha,,sumpah comel!!!!
the encik pacat yg menghiburkan kami,,haha,,pacat pown hiburan,,haha
frust x dpat mandi :(

ney lah roti sardin yg spatutnye mkan picnic time mandi2 sungai,,tp last2 berbuang :( membazir!!!!
azzam,,the driver :)
mummy yg garang tp sweet :) muke pucat gile -.-"
daddy yg sentiase disisi mummy smbil membebel kpd kteorg yg lg 9 org yg agak susah dikawal,,haha
so,,yup,,Broga mmg best,,tp hari ney mmg lenguh satu bdan,,
kalau korg nk ajak aku naek lg,,bg tawu sebulan sebelum,,
so that i can prepare,,hahaha XD,,means x naek lah kot dah,,hahaha
for those yg x naek Broga lg,,g lah try,,its 1.7 KM to the top,,tp jalan agak extreme,,curam baek punye,,
so jgan naek if hujan,,please don't,,
even penat,,but once da kat atas tuh,,the view,,the chill,,mmg rase puas :) even ade sedikit menyesal sbb penat sngt,,hahahaha
okee people,,hope korg enjoy the pics,,
n this trip was awesome,,so Z,,jom g pantai lak nk??? jom ahh!!!
till then,,ttyl people,,love yah :)

p.s. trying hard not to fall,,even you know you can never fight the gravity,,ouh,,this is not referring to hiking anyway,,hehe :p