Thursday, March 31, 2011

talking to him,,
like old time :)

p.s. how i adore that deep voice of his,,haih rindu lah!!!
life is a game,,
a battle field,,
you need to survive it,,
survive this in your own way,,
team with people but do not lean on others,,
work with people but do not trust them entirely,,
give more,,expect less,,
do not expect,,never expect more than you gave,,
help people,,ask for help,,but do not hope for help,,
stay strong,,never act weak,,
and,,stay close to HIM,,
you'll survive it then,,

p.s. lets make this happen :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

at time like this,,
i m y,,
hell lots,,

Monday, March 28, 2011

you know what life??
idgaf anymore,,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bruno Mars,,Marry You (cover)

this is the 1st time we make a cover song,,
and this might be the last time too,,
ok ok,,i know im a bad singer,,
but this is just for fun loh,,
enjoy,,and feel free to kutuk,,oppss,,to comment,,
guitar by : Ckinoza Miyomi
vocal by : lalalialia & Ckinoza Miyomi
camera girl : Anis Shuhada
minah sibuk : Azyan Azman
song : Bruno Mars
i love this song so much!!!
this song would be a best song to propose en en,,
lg best if a guy sing this to us,,
ok lah,,jom lah ramai2 kawen ngan Bruno Mars jew,,
dye sngt sweet!! XD
ok,,dah lah,,
ttyl people,,

p.s. nway,,the Glee version of this song is damn awesome!!!go check it out~
i dunno,,
i lost words,,
damn confuse,,
i dunno,,
but im afraid,,
that's for sure,,

p.s. no,,no,,its scary to feel this kindda of rhyme the heart make,,no,,no,,this is too scary,,i dun want this,,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

special entry :)

ini entry,,
khas untuk,,
kak CHAN :)
dye dgan honest nye,,
mengaku sebagai stalker num 1 blog aku,,
siap ngaku wat bookmark lg,,
terpaku,,tertukul,,tergergaji lah aku td time dye confess,,
haha,,cam confess ape jew enn,,
yelah,,aku x rase pown ade org akan bace blog ney,,
kcuali aku sendiri,,
thanx kak chan,,
sudi gak ko bace blog aku yg mengarot ney,,
syg ahh ko,,
haha :)

p.s. org x dew peminat mmg excited terlebey camnew,,huhuhu -.-"

Friday, March 25, 2011

a very quiet friday night,,

p.s. i miss everything,,the loud crazy gang Z,,the peaceful home,,the caring parents,,everything,,but this,,this one lonely night,, :'(

bbf :)

those two boy best friends,,
that i missed the most :)
they crack a joke when in down,,
cheer me up when some other girls bitchin' me up,,
being protective like a brother,,
hang out together,,
talk bout unnecessary stuff,,
gossiping!!! i never can do this with other boys,,even my ex bf,,
talk bad about other people,,LOL~
complaining bout everyday life,,
have that silly little fight,,
remind each other bout stuff,,
get advise,,even it stupid,,haha,,
encourage each other,,
talk bout crush without being awkward,,
and so many fun stuff,,
haih,,rindu lah,,haha

p.s. should never have those feeling,,being just a best friend is the best,,but now,,humm,,just miss them a lot,,hell lot,,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i hate it,,
when nothing seems fine,,
and all you can do is sit there and cry,,
when people used you,,
when people underestimated you,,
when people annoyed you,,
when people fooled you,,
when people irritated you,,
when people DGAF,,
when people dun seems to care,,
when all this shits happen,,
you have to bear it,,endure it everytime,,
and all you can do,,
is sit there and cry,,
maybe cry while eating a bar of chocolate,,
yup that's all i can do right now,,

p.s. patience,,i try to built this as much as i could,,

Friday, March 18, 2011

mama :)

Dear mama tercinta,,
Selamat Hari Lahir,,
yg ke 54 tahun,,
alhamdulillah mama sihat lg,,
ya syg mama,,
x kan pernah kurang,,
harap mama x bosan dan x jemu jadi mama ya untuk hampir 21 tahun ney :)
i love you ma :')

p.s. to abah,,take care,,and please be safe,,we love you too much,,be safe,,please be,,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ari ney aku blaja,,
x ade istilah "mati same2"
if you die,,you die alone,,
all alone bebeh!!!
a good lesson to learn eyh??

p.s. no bond strong enough for us to die together,,in the end of the day,,still,,we gonna be alone,,7 feet under,,alone,,so never expect anything from anyone,,dun lean on other,,walk and stand f0r your self ok people :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

penat kan???
penat hidup di adili org2 yg kadang2 x ade kelayakan nk adili kte,,
penat hidup dengan harapan setinggi gunung yg terbeban di bahu kiri jua kanan,,
penat hidup dengan anggapan2 org2 yg kononnya mengenali diri ini,,
penat hidup untuk mencapai bukan ape yg kite mahu tp ape yg org lain harapkan,,
penat hidup untuk dicengkam org2 yg gila kuasa,,
penat hidup untuk membantu org2 yg x ingin dibantu,,
penat hidup untuk memuaskan hati org2 yg x pernah akan puas hati mereka itu,,
penat hidup jadi patung jadi mainan org lain,,
penat hidup berdamping dgan org2 yg x pernah tahu makna menghargaai,,
penat kan,,
mulai esok,,
mawu hidup lagi,,
tp hidup untuk aku,,
untuk DIA yg diatas sana,,
untuk agama ku,,
cuma untuk itu,,
bosan dengan ber 'kongsi' hidup dgan org2 ini,,
apa aku dpat cume cacian,,makian,,kutukan,,gurauan perit,,
air mata,,
mmg x mungkin dapat hentikan kata2 dari mulut mereka,,
x dpat buang harapan yg diletak,,harga yg tinggi itu,,
tp kalu aku mawu dgar,,
kalu aku mawu terima,,
aku hanya akan buat untuk aku,,
bukan untuk siapa2,,

p.s. aku benci,,benci dengan org yg kononnya hebat berdebat,,tp satu habuk pun x dapat,,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

one statement,,
one thought,,
one judgement,,
making those feeling disappear one by one,,
that one confession,,
making those butterflies stop lingering,,
that one word,,
making those electrical shock feeling when the eyes meet disappear,,
all gone,,
its all gone perhaps,,
those flattering feeling,,
gonna miss it,,
but glad it had vanished,,
thanks to you,,
no one else can make it disappear unless the person that start it did,,
and he end it well,,

p.s. you just prove me that i do judge you wrong,,all this time,,and thanks for that.

Monday, March 7, 2011


hello people,,
amacam weekends??
okengs kah???
mine was a blast,,
finally i can escape the college life tension,,
even for a while en,,
tp da cukup,,
dpat balek umah,,
dpat layan spongebob,,haha
dpat mkan masakan mama,,
and dapat lepak ngan the Z,,
so Saturday tuh satu hari cukup2 mmg diperuntukkan untuk lepak ngan budak2 mereng tuh,,
puas kot,,
dari Curve g OU,,then mamak lah,,
tp nak highlight stu bnde,,
finally dah rase macaroons,,
gile loser en,,haha,,lmbat gile,,
nway macaroons ney cam desert org paaris aww,,
and mesti lah mhal,,French food lak,,
seketul tecik tuh dah RM3,,
cam what the???
so beli sorg satu -.-"
the Z mmg safe budget,,
and naseb baek rituh kawan lin,,mira belanje!!!
cam terharu,,hahaha XD
mine was salted caramel,,
paling sedap!!!
haha,,yg laen x sedap,,manis ngat :(
so,,yup dah rase dah ahh,,kte try wat sendiri lak jom girls!!!!
ouh yup lpas kemanisan yg melampaw,,
g paw lin minum coke McD -.-"
padahal tgah manis en,,
n the Z kan safe budget,,so beli coke dua,,
then refill,,hahaha,,,sumpah kedekut!!!haha XD
okeee,,,gmbar sume kat lin,,sbb mlas nak bwak baby,,
so tuh jew,,
gile bosan en post??
haha,,sape swuh bace,,wek!!!
jom wat report,,
ttyl people,,

p.s. lepas ney kene tunggu cuti sem baru ley lepak ngan dorg balek,,huwaaa!!!lmbat ag,, :'(

Friday, March 4, 2011

i need a break,,
that's all im asking for,,
a break,,
maybe cik Alya were right,,
maybe i need to make an appointment as well,,
maybe talking to a total strangers is the best way,,
a professional strangers,,
next week,,i wanna make that appointment,,
im going crazy here,,
have a nice day people,,
dun be like mine,,
full of wasted stuff,,
i wanna change things,,
but however it turns out the same,,
all the time,,
i need help,,
i need a break,,
and i need a total non judging listener,,
and i cant wait to be clean back,,
i wanna recite the Holy Quran,,
that is the best pain killer i trust,,
going back to HIM and sujud,,

p.s. its a lonely week,,even im surrounded with people,,with dear friends,,with foods,,with stuff,,its still lonely,,damn lonely,,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tabah lah kawan2 :)

hey there people,,
not really a good day,,
since yesterday kot,,
smalam dayah kesayangan merangkap tauke koop KOSASS excident,,
haih,,habes lah kaki tuh,,
baru ari isnin malam berguru calculation chem ngan dye,,
selase dye dah cedera pulak,,
ari ney lak dayah nak operate,,
aku g tgok td,,
dlam2 tgok dayah tuh,,lg sorg kwan kolej excident jugak,,batch aku jgak,,
berturut2 lah,,
x tawu lah kenape,,
hai encik john and cik dayah,,
silalah sembuh dgan cepat,,
isaw lah aku dorg ney,,
tp malang x berbawu kan,,
ini pengalaman untuk dorng,,mungkin juga pengajaran,,
insyaallah x ade ape2,,
cepat sembuh dayah,,nati koop bankrup lak hang x da,,
nati aku dtg tgok hang lg naa :)

p.s. Ya ALLAH,,selamatkan kedua2 sahabat kuh,,dan lindungilah aku dan juga sahabat2 ku yg lain,,peliharalah kami,,kami mohon pelindungan mu Ya ALLAH,,amin,, :)