Monday, December 27, 2010

the cats family,, :3

i love cats,,
don't you??
well,,in the animal kingdom,,
there are many cats,,
not only the cats that we make as our pets,,or the domestic cats,,
in the cats family,,these includes the big cats,,such as the lions,,the tigers,,the leopard,,
lets see for example the lion,,
this is the taxonomy of the lion species,,
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Mammalia
Order : Carnivora
Family : Felidae
Genus : Panthera
Species : Panthera leo
*source Wikipedia*
Felidae is the family for all cats,,
cats may also known as the felis,,
we can see the lion are closely related to the tiger,,the leopard,, as they share the same genus,,
tiger is known as Panthera tigris
while leopard is known as Panthera pardus
as i love to watched National Geographic Wild,,
i observe that,,even they share the same genus,,
however the lion,,the tiger and the leopard own a very different behavior,,
1st are the lions,,they usually live in group with one dominant male known as the alpha lion,,
the lioness are usually more than one,,and the lioness will breed with the only alpha lion,,
what makes lions more interesting is that the lioness are the one that will go and hunt for food,,while the alpha lion will only come and eat after the hunting is done,,and usually the other members in the group will only eat after the alpha lion done eating,,
ouh well,,he's is the king of the jungle,,he may do as he wish eyh,,
the alpha lion do show its dominant power,,
sometimes the alpha lion will eat the male cubs if he felt its position as an alpha lion is threatening by the male cubs,,
well,,it might sounds evil,,but however,,it is how the lion protect its territory and its position a the alpha lion,,
the lioness were also responsible to teach their cubs on how to hunt,,
it can be said that the lioness are the best hunter in the jungle,,
no prey can escape from their powerful paws and jaw,,
they can even hunt an elephant,,
and lions have a very strong bond and good teamwork,,
their hunting may not be strong without a good team work,,

the lion king :)
the lion and lioness,,i snap this at the National Zoo :)
the next big cats that i adore,,is the tiger,,
the tiger usually found in the rainforest,,
while the lion is found in savanna grassland,,
so that is why,,its impossible to find a tiger and a lion fight with each other,,
and yup,,its kinnda unfair to label the lion as the king of jungle,,because the tiger is also great in hunting and it conquer its territory very well,,
the tiger is not like the lion,,tigers do not live in group,,this mean they do not hunt in group,,
the tigress will take care of its cubs until the cubs is old enough to hunt by itself,,
with the same rules of nature,,the tiger(the male) will also sensitive about its territory,,
if any other male want to conquer certain territory or want to mate with the tigress in the territory,,it might have to defeat the dominant tiger in that particular area,,
the winning male will get the tigress as well as the territory,,
again,,taken at the National Zoo Malaysia :3
now lets move on to my last adorable big cats,,the leopard,,
leopard is physically smaller compare to the lion and tiger,,
the leopard and the lion however share the same habitat,,
sometimes,,in critical time and condition,,they might hunt for the same prey,,
the leopard,,like the tiger,,they do not live in group,,
and they hunt individually,,they are amazingly fast and for this,,with the help of their powerful cat's paws,,they will surely gain a prey,,
however,,sometimes,,,the competition for food are high,,
the leopard may sumtimes given up its prey to the lioness in certain condition,,
cannot be deny as the lioness is larger and more powerful than the leopard,,
the leopard is a smart cat as its can climb on tree very timid and fast,,
with this talent,,the leopard often safe its food up high on a tree,,
so that the lioness or ever the hyenas may never stole its food,,
it is sad now days that there are not much leopard left in this world,,
for its beautiful spotted skin,,the leopard are usually hunt for its skin,,
not only the leopard,,the tiger are also decreasing in number,,
the tiger is killed violently by illegal hunter for its skin and meat,,
well,,not only the illegal hunter is to blame in this matter,,
the big cat's home as well as the home to lots more endangered animal species is threatening by the human's development,,
if we continuously shave off their shelter for home,,
then don't ever dare blame em' if these powerful paws and jaws will someday hunt you as their food,,they are not to blame,,they're innocent and to blame is us,,
i really hope that the world will understand and have concern in this matter,,
we share the same world,,so the animal is count as having their own voice in this matter,,
and we do not deserve to destroy their home like what we've done know,,
it might be kindda late,,
but better late than nothing,,
so,,do little help to conserve our nature,,
for the sake of these adorable animal,,
and if you do not want to share your town,,your house and even your place to shop with these fierce and powerful cats,,and ends up being their lunch,,
so,,you might wanna help and be green,,
its not hard,,and there's always ways,,
save em' before its too late,,

p.s. can we please adobe those cute big cats and act like they are our pet cats??hmm,,risky but i loikeee!!!want one,, :3
ouh,,and thanks to National Geography Wild and also BGY3002 (Animal Biodiversity) for making me madly in love with animal :) especially the cats family

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