Saturday, January 15, 2011

the only child,,

hye there people,,
regarding to the title,,
may i warn you,,
this post is about science,,
so if you think its lame or boring,,
you may F off now,,
thank you,,
ok,,for those who stay,,
thanx :)
im the only child,,
the one and only yaww!!!!
well,,since im a biology student,,
i've been wondering,,if this the only child thingie is an inheritance,,
since my mum was the only child her self,,
and we,,me and my mum having the same blood type (of coz lah kan)
but its rare,,its O-
genetically,,this only child thingie might be an inheritance,,
its all due the blood type,,
the negative factor from the O blood type was coming from the Rh factor,,
this Rh factor is actually the antigen contain in the surface of our blood cell,,
there are Rh positive and Rh negative,,
to make it simple,,
when a Rh positive blood enter a body with Rh negative blood,,
the antibodies will produce AntiRh+ and will destroy the blood,,
in my case,,
my mum is a Rh negative blood,,while my dad is a heterozygous Rh positive,,
when fertilization take place,,
1/4 of the child may produce is with Rh negative blood,,
if the mother was pregnant a child with a positive Rh blood factor,,
the mother antibody will destroy the fetal blood as it see the fetal as a dangerous object to its body,,this may cause abortion,,if the child survive,,the child may having some serious medical complication,,like anemia due to lack of red blood cell,,
and to make it short,,
only the child with negative Rh blood factor will survive the pregnancy,,
as the fetal and the mother have a common blood factor,,
the body won't detect the fetal as a dangerous strangers to the body,,
well,,in my case,,
my mum was struggling to have child,,
before me,,my mum had abortion about two times already,,
this may be because 75% of her fetal is with positive Rh blood factor,,
and,,finally after 8 years of trying,,
i was born,,the only 25% chances was at last working,,
Thank ALLAH,,
even its only 25% of hopes,,it still happens,,and im here now,,
living for almost 21 years old now :)
thanks mama,,and im so sorry for all the trouble for having me,,
but hye,,this problem may be solve now days,,
the scientist did find a cure to this special factor,,
well,,go Google it your self ayte,,
dun be lazy k,,
hehe,,ouh yup,,genetic is an interesting subject,,
it helps you to be grateful,,
ouh no,,
not only genetic,,but the whole Biology did makes you thanks for this life,,
the miracle of life,,and the mighty-ness of its creator,,
thanks HIM,,Alhamdulillah,,
be grateful people,,and have a nice weekend :)
p.s. i am the only girl in this world,,hehe,,at least in my parents world :')