Tuesday, January 4, 2011

self note,,

i realize today,,
i dun wanna waste any more time,,
i dun wanna wait any more,,
lets burn all the hopes into ashes,,
i have bigger thing to chase,,
i dun wanna be the average people anymore,,
i want more,,
i wanna give more to the parents,,
so,,i think,,i dun wanna make you one of my dream or hope,,no more
its fun being fool around,,
but once you wake up,,
you'll realize,,nothing is fun about it,,
nothing,,being played,,being used,,
it hurt,,not fun,,
azam baru lah weyh jom,,
S T U D Y hard,,effin' hard,,
and never give a F to anything or anyone beside ur study,,
yeah,,come on azam baru!!!
maybe i've always gonna have a thing for you,,
but let that thing buried deep inside my heart,,
till i cant even remember it anymore,,
so yup,,
membebel no more,,
mari lah menaikkan pointer!!!
and nyte nyte people :)
hope you guys have a good day tomorrow ;p

p.s. only a happy peaceful heart can heal a broken heart :)

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