Friday, March 25, 2011

bbf :)

those two boy best friends,,
that i missed the most :)
they crack a joke when in down,,
cheer me up when some other girls bitchin' me up,,
being protective like a brother,,
hang out together,,
talk bout unnecessary stuff,,
gossiping!!! i never can do this with other boys,,even my ex bf,,
talk bad about other people,,LOL~
complaining bout everyday life,,
have that silly little fight,,
remind each other bout stuff,,
get advise,,even it stupid,,haha,,
encourage each other,,
talk bout crush without being awkward,,
and so many fun stuff,,
haih,,rindu lah,,haha

p.s. should never have those feeling,,being just a best friend is the best,,but now,,humm,,just miss them a lot,,hell lot,,

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