Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bruno Mars,,Marry You (cover)

this is the 1st time we make a cover song,,
and this might be the last time too,,
ok ok,,i know im a bad singer,,
but this is just for fun loh,,
enjoy,,and feel free to kutuk,,oppss,,to comment,,
guitar by : Ckinoza Miyomi
vocal by : lalalialia & Ckinoza Miyomi
camera girl : Anis Shuhada
minah sibuk : Azyan Azman
song : Bruno Mars
i love this song so much!!!
this song would be a best song to propose en en,,
lg best if a guy sing this to us,,
ok lah,,jom lah ramai2 kawen ngan Bruno Mars jew,,
dye sngt sweet!! XD
ok,,dah lah,,
ttyl people,,

p.s. nway,,the Glee version of this song is damn awesome!!!go check it out~


Azi Huhu said...

Kita pun suka omaigottt. nak laki cam Bruno Mars

de Picasso said...

wow! go lala! =]

lalalialia said...

amir,,haha,,saje suko2,,best en lgu ney,,dgar ahh version yg real,,bru best,,
adek,,haha,,kan kan,,nak cam bruno mars,,tp nk yg lg ensem seket lah,,haha