Saturday, April 23, 2011

the genetic people!!!the genetic!!!

hello people,,
just dropping by saying that
my GENETIC paper is on 25th April 2011,,
not like its in any of your concern ayte,,
just hoping that you guys will pray for me and wish me luck :)
ouh,,and i got some interesting (kot lah) fact in genetic,,

did you know that :
not only the nuclear have DNA,,but the mitochondria and chloroplast also owned their very own DNA,,how cool are they ayte??however,,the DNA compose in these organelles are simple type of DNA they usually circular and linear in some species this to compare with DNA in our nucleus which are more complex where our nucleus have that complicated challenging double helix bases pairing nucleotides phosphate backbone and all and many more complex thingies which are awesome.

did you know that :
all the organelles and membrane are inherited through our moms?yup,,its called the cytoplasmic inheritance,,so all the mitochondria,endoplasmic reticulum,vesicles and all that we had learn in our science class are pass through us from our mother!!!see how much moms already gave us.In some animal,this cytoplasmic inheritance does effect their appearance (the phenotype) in which they directly inherited their mom's appearance without concerning their own genotype or their dad's appearance,,yeah this are call the mom's power!!!or in science its called the maternal effect.Maternal effect sometimes may only effects in the fetus early development,but sometimes in some species it may be permanent until the fetus become adult.For us the human,some disease that caused by the mutation in the mitochondrial DNA may be inherited from our mother.However its sometimes are difficult to affect us as the mutation in mitochondria are small and not serious.

did you know that :
human have 3 billions bases pairs genome which made up our DNA,well,that's a lot huh?However, 50% of the number are known to be the junk DNA as its does not code for any proteins.

did you know that :
most all human have the same DNA sequences (99%) ? Because of this amazing similarity in us,the screening of disease by analyze the DNA sequence and compare it with the person without the disease,so that we can know where the sequences mix up or detect which gene may cause the disease,awesome eyh?

did you know that :
boys are likely to have color blindness and girl are mostly only the carrier,this is because only the X chromosome carried this recessive trait,and as boys are XY they are easier to got the recessive allele,while girls are XX ayte?so we girls need both X chromosome with color blindness trait only then when can be affected if only one X is carrying the trait,we are only the carrier,,yeah poor boys,,and this is girls power yeah!!!!

did you know that :
there is a biotechnologies called the Nexia biotechnologies which produce spider silk in goat's milk!!!! ouh my -.-" however, this technologies may help as spider silk is in high demand nowadays,,it can be apllied in medical uses also for military uses,for this Google it yourself eyh ;p

okee,,that's all people,,
there's lot more,,
but i have to go now (i forget really -.-")
if got time,,i update you people with better genetic facts k,,
gud luck guys,,
study hard but smart,,
dun stress out,,

p.s. its all in my lecture note,,yup that is why i know,,hahaha :p

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