Wednesday, April 27, 2011

penguin :')

"baby its fate,,
like a soul mate,,
he's your penguin,,
baby its fate,,
baby its fate,,
not luck"

this song is damn adorable,, :')
he's your penguin,,
likee awwwhhh,,
cause penguin is one loyal creature,,
they have only mate,,
one and only mate,,
they dun change mate according to season,,
they're loyal,,
how adorable ayte,,

p.s. so,,do you wanna be my penguin dear penguin???hahahaha XD this song making that penguin title i gave him to be not hilarious anymore,,now it sound more like,,humm,,sweet,,cute,,haha,,still penguin,,haha XD


nazalya said...

tu da bole da paste video utube.. hehe..

lalalialia said...

hehe,,budak baru blaja,,padahal dah bertahun blogger,,haha XD

atie said...

suke sukeeeeee :)