Friday, May 20, 2011


hey people  :)
tgok gLee x?
dulu pown i x tgok,,
cam euww jew kan,,
tp time search2 lgu kt youtube,,
time tuh search cover song for marry you by Bruno Mars,,
then terjumpe yg glee version,,
n terus jatuh hati~
i love the way they express all the song they're doing,,
glee teach you to be confident,,
sing and dance all you want,,hit it all you want even the whole school trash on you,,
the freedom of singing n dancing,,
even i hate the drama in this series,,
and how a loath the leading couple,,Rachel n Finn,,
cause i prefer the other couple,,
but the fact that they did great in every single cover song,,
they are attractive enough to watch,,
and their teacher Mr. Schu is dang hot yaw!!!
and these are some of my favorite cover song by the cast :)

omg i freakin' love this one,,
they have a great duet,,love it!!!
so damn sexy!!!

this is a cover song from a musical called the Rocky Horror Show,,
and i cant believe Emma is this daring,,
and of coz Will are damn sexy!!! gosh!!!
yeahhh~ the best of all,,
my favorite wedding song :)
its so fun and sweet blending together,,
and the glee kids are having lots of fun,,
so great :)

this one is great too,,
just the way you are,, :)
Finn is damn sweet here,,
and it just magnificent that you can actually dance to this song,,
haha,,great cover guys!!!
and plus,,Mike Chang is one hot asian!!! haha
okeee people,,
glee might sound gayish,,
but they are one great bunch of people with great talent,,
so that's why i enjoy watching glee,,
jom smbung tgok!!!
have a nice day people :)

p.s. semalam da basuh baju sumer,,semangat nak kluar ari ney,,tp x jadi,,kecewa la jgak,, :( but its ok!!! mlam ney mia girls dtg sleepover lg,,terubat luke dihati,,ececeh,,hehe ;p

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