Sunday, June 19, 2011

just not enough,,

not pretty enough,,
not skinny enough,,
not smart enough,,
not bubbly enough,,
not kind enough,,
not hardworking enough,,
not fair enough,,
not worth enough,,
just not enough,,
i am just another girl,,
who is not prefect enough,,
and deserve to be left alone,,
deserve to be an outsider,,all the time,,
i'm sorry for being not good enough to be proud of,,

p.s. what i hate the most is when i'm crying alone,,regretting for being me,,crying because i felt like everyone hates me because im just not enough for them,,this feel worse than having a heartbreak,,this feel like you wanna break away,,run away from yourself,,but you just can't,,this is the worst feeling ever,,just for not happy being your own self because of the thought people gave you,,so stupid ayte,,still,,im crying like this,,still,,

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