Monday, November 7, 2011

The Wonder Girls are back!!!!

duhh hello people!
the very happy today,,the WG are back bitches!!!
wooooooo~ celebration!!!!!
to whom who didnt know who the hell are they,,
you may now kill your doll,, :p
i've been waiting for them like forever after two different tears single,,
and all those waiting are worth it!!!
while waiting for their comeback,,
i had to endure the ugliness og SoShi's song,,
pfftttt to SoShi,,
okeee,,enjoy the music,,
WG hwaiiting!!!
yoobin sarang!!!

p.s. WG and 2ne1,,love them!!! so original,,so cool..simply sexy,,nice voice and music,,and they dun have to act all filthy and cute to gain attention,,its all based on their talent,,ohh,,T-ARA too :)

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