Thursday, December 1, 2011

duh hello,,
im here to update mia own blog after a while,,
since there are too many stuff going on,,
lets just wrap this up in a post (knon2 retis lah org nk tawu update dye,,pfffttt!!!)
let it be,,mia blog mia journal,,so that mia wont forget wat the hell or heaven happen in mia lifey,,

10-13 November
  • went volunteering at Gopeng,Perak
  • associated programmed with the Higher Education Ministry,,kire wakil UPM kate ko!
  • act as roving team,,meet the aunty uncle mak cik pak cik adik abg akak mak long tok long,and encourage them to join the free health check up,its free! EVERYTHING! so we went like 'cik kami dari KPT ade....' 'oh x pe x pe dik x nk xnk' 'tp cik ini free untuk sume org' 'oh free?boley boley,,bile?kat mane?' typical human being,,same here :) 
  • meet lots of friends from other Uni,our team got close to the UTM team,,and they got hot guy!damn!!! just one guy pun je pun -.-" but yeahhh,,,he's hawt,,damn hawt kot,,tall-dark-handsome-greatjawline-deepeyes-sharpnose kindda guy,,what else would you ask for in a guy kan?plus he's funny and macho and cool and got a very damn deep voice,,perfect?yup me tell yup!
  • ouh plus he's taken,,round of applause please -.-"
24 November 
  •  we went out to MINES!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ yeah i know,,mines je pun!!! tp kerana tahap stress yg knon2nye tinggi dan perlu direduce dgan bersuka ria,,maka ya kami pergi mines je :)
  • we eat,,we watch movie,,we eat,,we shop,,we eat,,we sing,,we eat,,we bowl,,we eat,,
  • watched Happy Feet 2,,,awwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhh how adorable meh!!!! :') Eric is one damn cute lil stuff!!!!grrrr comel comel geram geram!!! pls go watch this movie,,and have a bit of concern towards our environment cause these penguins are begging to stop global warming!!! their ices are melting!! damn you human beings!!!
  • i got birthday present here!!!wheee!!!!its miss happy :D thanx to mia honey bee Anis Shuhada,,Noor Zahira and Rohana :')
  • and me bought Domo-kun bag!!! yeayers!!! tp kindda feel guilty sbb ditch Spongebob for Domo :( im gonna buy Spongebob bag lak after this,,idc!!!!
25 November
  • Happy Birthday Adek Yuna :) haha baru 15 dah poyo,,,ouh oppss sorry lupe nak highlight post birthday budak comel dekat blog ney on his birthday,,tp perlu ke :p

26 November
  • We went sampling at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. There were just five of us in this course,plus our lecturer,a lab assistant,three demonstrator,and a driver,,
  • done sampling at Teluk Kemang (we collect snail as a bioindicator,,i'll post on this later) we went to Tanjung Tuan Light House,,and a great story begin here!!!! damn!!! i will post more on this :p with picca meh :p
yeah yeahh,,,busy kan?
nope! x pun x pun :)
ouh yeah dapat lepas rindu kat icha icha,,oh my how i adore that little toddler!!!
ouh kakak demam campak,,poor her,, :(
and yup,,falling in love with Apex the Harimau Malaya,, :p
but that Apex lah,,he's more like a buaya than a tiger lorrhhh!!!LOL
okeee mengarot,,

p.s. minggu ney kene jd senior dengan lebih bersungguh-sungguh dari minggu sebelum sebelum ini :p

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