Saturday, September 29, 2012

its been a while eyh?
I seriously do get lost in here,,
its how berhabuk my blog is -.-"
how's life?
mine was,,yeah fascinating for the past urmm 6 months right?
got lots of new great friends,,
staying in almost 9 years friendship with The Z,,
happier than ever,,
heart is stronger as its heal it self,,
good job dear heart :)
I know what I want in life,,
I know what I need to do to get to it,,
so in conclusion it is pretty awesome,,
no more sorrow ayte?
well there's a lot to update anyway,,
it just I'm too lazy too write,,
to be inspired is not an easy thing ayte,,
besides I have twitter to tell story to,,
but as requested (konon!) by a friend,,
I'll try to active back here again,,
next post will be about my practical life at Zoo Taiping,,
awesome tale to be told,,
cant wait!

1 comment:

merapu said...

wah as request, Aaa nak baca hasil penulisan awak yang kretif tu, hee