Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm a Zoo keeper part 1

happy face
so here we go the excited part of blogging,,
to tell the story bout the thing that we adore,
we love to do,,
we proud to be a part of,,
here's one of a many part of my story that i wanna share,,
a short but amazing experience as a Zoo keeper,,
happy happy face,,
so I started my practical session at Zoo Taiping on 2nd of July,,
there's about 14 section are there in the Zoo,,
so basically we work in each section for three days,,
and rotate to another section on the fourth,,
my fist section was the Elephants, the Hippopotamus and the Tapir section,,
 there were 6 of us from UPM,,
and I'm the only girl,,
how sad :(
let first talk about the Elephants
*buat gaya gajah,,siku kat hidung then lambai tgan atas bwah heeeee*
there are 9 elephants at the Zoo,,
8 are females and only 1 male that act as the alpha male,,
so here's the thing about male animals,,
they got so sensitive about their territory and their group (for each animals might have a diff name)
so here at Zoo Taiping the alpha male name is Setia,,
he's big and quite young but he's also very aggressive,,
Setia had injured many of its keeper trough out the years of its captivation,,
and as a precaution step they management decided to chain him to the pillar,,
which I do not consider as a good idea,,
Setia was chain for almost 5 years till now,,
can you imagine how would you feel to be chained  and are not allowed to move around?
yes I know some of you might think he's dangerous he deserve to be chain,,
well aren't Setia a living thing like us too?
I understand why Setia are being so angry and aggressive,,
he is a wild elephant capture in the wild,and he is quite difficult to be train,,
yeahh that's the sad part to be witness here,,
to see all these animals being held in their cages and are not allow to be in their own habitat and surroundings,,
but a zoo is a good place indeed,,is a good ways of sustaining the species especially the endangered one,it just that is not comfortable,,its not their own home,,its not their nature habitat,,
its like us,we like it so much in our own house but then suddenly we are force to be in the hostel lets say or the prison,,well that's definitely uncomfortable!
ok sorry when my animals loving minded start to babble,,it just wont stop!haha
now,,lemme present you the amazing part of the job :)
to feed the animals,,to be at a very close distant and to actually observe their amazing behaviour,,
lets the picca give some aid to the talking eyh,, :)

 The elephants were so excited when we called them for some snack time!

 and yup their snack is a pot of  fully cooked rice okeee! sngat Malaysian! haha

this is Kelian,,the youngest :)
she is only two years old,,

 wheeee~ Kelian shoo happy one!

 Hello I'm Tompok and I'm one of the elephant keeper,,hehehe,,
nway the Zoo decided to keep Tompok at the elephant's food store to catch away the mouse,,
because the mice keeps on destroying the food stack and they may also bring diseases to the animals,,
and yup Tompok and her kitten were given fresh ikan kembung every day,,
it worth the hard work eyh Tompok? :3

 haha this is us the Elephant wannabe

 yeahh we experience to take care of the dung,,,dang!

 this pak cik had work as one of the elephants keeper for more than 30 years now,,
he's amazing,,and I bet he know about elephant much better than any of the wild life scientist,,
his experience amazed me,,every time he tell us stories about elephant it was like watching a live interview of the National Geographic,,damn awesome!
 Yayan n Sheshe :)

  Happy family :)
see how they cant wait for the truck to unload their food haha
 the elephants here ate almost every hours of the day!
they ate almost every part of a banana plant,,
see that's the batang pisang over there,,
and this is how close we can get with the elephants,,
its a bit scary I might say,,hihi
 That's Bera, Jaya and Jalong,,
they are the three main females of the parade,,
Bera is the oldest,,
Jaya is the tamest among all of them,,you can pet Jaya without any worries,,
she shoo sweet :)
 gajah gajah *gaya Shin Chan hehehe ;p*

 tiga gajah pingitan heeeeee :3
so there you go,,
done for part one,,
many many many more parts to go,,
hope you guys enjoy the post *if there is any readers lah kan :p*
ttyl lovers
*hugs and kisses*

p.s. 4th year now,,final year,,FYP,,my life literally over for the year -.-" nway you guys have fun k :)

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