Monday, January 10, 2011


"i'll catch the grenade for ya,,
throw my hand on a blade for ya,,
i'll jump in front of the train for ya,,
you know i'll do anything for you,,
i would go through all this pain,,
take the bullet straight to my brain,,
yes,i would die for you baby,,
but you won't do the same"
Grenade by Bruno Mars

if there is a boy willing to do all these,,
catch the grenade and all,,
or at least willing to sing this song sincerely,,
and actually mean it,,
i want him to know that i'll definitely will do the same,,
i'll definitely catch the grenade for him,,
to love somebody who willing to love you as much as this lyrics do,,
i DEFINITELY will catch the fcking grenade,,

p.s. totally immersed in this song,,and how i wish if Bruno Mars is handsome,,but he's not =.=" so yup,,,just go crazy over his song and not him,,haha :p


farhaniza azman said...

oi lala lialia..aan nih..cepat folo balik.. LOL~mane tempat jerit2 kau? haiya

lalalialia said...

aik,,,aku suda follow maaa,,tarak kah??
malas lah wat tmpat jerit,,nati rmai gile judges dtg jerit n wat judgement pro dorg,,haha,,x maw x maw,, :)
nway thanx follow :p