Wednesday, January 12, 2011

nothing but a big THANKS :)

thanks dear friends,,
for the therapy sessions,,
for the shoulder to cry on,,
for the comfort,,
for the advice,,
for the mock you girls throw at him to make me feel better,,
for the support,,
for the smile you girls put right after those tears,,
for the fingers that shed away my tears,,
for having my back for me,,stand up for me,,
for being there,,when he walk away,,
for listening to the same crap every day,,
for accompany me when im drown in my tears,,
for the pat on the shoulder when you girls see the tears in my eyes,,
for the courage,,the new hope,,
thanks dear girlfriends,,
thanks a lot,,
i love you girls,,
always have,,always will

p.s. biggest thanks for UNDERSTAND me,,i would never make it without you girls,,i cant live without your support :) sumpah syg korg sangt :)

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