Friday, January 21, 2011

its Philophobia,,

guess im having this fear,,
its alright ayte,,
for having this phobia,,
will make me more happy,,
then let it be,,
people say,,fall out of bridge hurt less than fall out of love,,
i strongly agree with that say,,
its not that i have ever fall out of bridge,,
but the scar we got from a heartbreak is impossible to be wound than the scar we got from a cut,,
another people say,,
it worth the risk,,to fall in love,,
the hurt is worth the sweetness,,the tears is worth the company,,
for me,,nothing worth,,once you hurt,,its unbearable,,
even the sweetest thing may hurt someday,,
so better just stay out of it,,
ouh and today,,
i strongly lost trust in love between girl and boy,,
lost interest,,lost faith in it,,
i do not trust love no more :)
for me,,love is when the whole world sparkle with happiness,,
but if there is someone somewhere in the corner of the world feel hurt,,
than its not love,,
love is to bring sunshine,,not tears of pain,,
but hye,,
this of coz have exceptional,,
my philophobia does not include,,
love towards ALLAH,,
love towards Rasulullah,,
love towards Islam,,
love towards mama n abah,,
love towards the nature,,the animals,,
love towards bangsa n negara,,
and love towards my dearest friends,,
i'll never lost hope,,lost trust and lost faith
in those love,,
cause i believe,,these are love that bring joy and not pain,,

p.s. its ok to lost one love and have so much love backing it up :)


atie said...

huhu. sme la lia. bile dh pnh diluka kn. even dh couple dgn capik pun still xfully believe in love. hurm

lalalialia said...

eyh,,dun be lah titi,,x elok nati capik terbace ke,,kmu da open up enn,,try lah :)

aizzahafifah said...

betul3... mmg dh kurang dh trust kan boy/guy/man
but love kat Z jgn kurang yer..:)

lalalialia said...

Z x kan kurang,,,bertambah lg ade :)