Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harry Shum Jr. i'm in love!!!

if you guys ever watch glee,,
then you'll know him,,
its the other asian,,or better known as Mike Chang,,
and in the second season,,this Mr. Hottie got a little more screen time than he got in season one,,
his dance,,his move and his abs will surely melt you,,
and he's asian!!!
SWAG ayte?? Something We Asians Got,,
since glee,,i've fall for him over and over,,
and google him,,
and watch his movie,,
he never really got any lead role,,
because he's well known for his dance rather than acting,,
he appear in Step Up as Cable,,one of the member of the MSA crew,,
he also appear in Stom the Yard,,
so i kindda search him on you tube,,
so check out what i found,,i can say that well he's a great actor actually,,
check these out :)

this is plain cute!!!
very classic romantic comedy ayte?
and see the way he did his face along with his move? dang awesome enn,,

3 minutes,,
wow this short movies is great!!!
this short movie reviled that Harry can also do action!!!
damn hot man!!! he's fighting moves does look like he's dancing,,awesome ayte? totally!!!

haha,,this one is cute and funny,,
he is kindda guy that can act in comedy very well :)

omg i love this one!!!
this showed that he can act as anything!!!
he can be funny,,
he is cute,,
he can do action and look dang hot!!!
i love this so much!!! so cute XD

and this one!!!! damn damn damn cute!!!
yeah!!! he teach you how to doggie yaw!!!
Brittany is cute right,,
and i always find Mike and Brittany are a great match,,
well hope they date in season three,,haha,,
they are the great dancers in glee :)
well,,i hope Harry will do great in his career and maybe got some lead role in any series or movies because i really thing he deserve it :)
i love you Mike Chang!!!
and i adore Harry Shum Jr. damn much,,
do check him out guys,,
till then,,taata,,
ttyl :)

p.s. demam dah pergi,,thanks Allah :)

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