Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something Borrowed,,

so tadi,,job hunt with kak ida,,
kak ida dpat keje dekat Sweetly,,n i just dun wanna work there,,
so i accept the other offer that is to be a koop keeper kt satu sekolah ney,,
yup,,sound plain boring,,tp keje senang,,duet pown masuk not bad,,
so terpaksa lah berkerja bulan 6 ney instead of menghabes kn beras dan mkanan2 lain dan jadik lg gemok kat umah tuh,,yup,,plainly cruel -.-"
okee,,da setel carik keje,,dpat pown keje,,
me n ida decide nak tgok wayang,,hehe,,
mule2 da g Cineleisure tp x de lak Insidious yg sngt2 teringin nk tgok tuh,,
jd kami gigih gak g OU,,smpai2 tgok Insidious pukul 645,,so cam,,WTH??!!
so tgok je lah cite ape2 pun yg ade,,
so we grab this Something Borrowed to watch to,,
well,,the story line is simply cliche'
the blonde bestie with a brunette,,
the blonde is the fun,hot,have boyfie and a all-she-want-she'll-get kindda girl,,
and the brunette is the shy,single,smart,and a always-let-the-blonde-bestie-get-all-she-wants kindda girl,,
sound very very familiar ayte?
the same romantic comedy kindda story line,,
but somehow,,the comedy in this movie are more fresh and cute :)
and one thing that catch my heart is that this one common thing people always do in relationship,,
which they never follow their heart,,their words never match their heart,,
and end up being with someone else then with the one that they love,,
fuhh,,mmg susa kan kalau nak jadi mcam Darcy,,the blonde one tuh,,
this Darcy girl always win because she let out her heart 100%
tp kalau aku lah,,x kan lah nk ask the guy out 1st kn,,ish,,x cukup hot to do that,,
and of coz x ckup courage to do so,,
tp Darcy ney snang2 je dare Dex to ask her out,,cam gile daring enn,,
and they end up engaged,,
tp aku x ske si Dex ney,,jenis laki pengecut n mudah confuse,,
cam sngt2 grrr aww,,si Dex ney baru sedar yg dye sbenarnye in love with Rachel the brunette instead of Darcy,,just after Rachel blurt out that she used to have a crush on him,,
cam duhh!!!! nak tunggu the girl blurt out over a giggle juice dulu then only you realize and have the gut to kiss her? bullshit!!! damn coward,,
and just like that,,their relationship becoming so damn complicated,,
duhh!!!!and blame it on Dex sbb x dew telo nk confess kat Rachel after 6 years,,
then only now,,like a month before his wedding with Darcy,,only then! he confess,,f en?
yup,,the end dye cmane?
well,,g tgok sendiri k,,
haha,,however,,this movie is worth to watch,,
berbaloi lah 7 inggit ko tuh,,haha
okee la people,,
have a great evening,,

p.s. only if im as daring as Darcy kan,,haih -.-"

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