Friday, May 6, 2011

i decide not to go back to July anymore,,fullstop.

hye there,,
this may not be understood by some people,,
but if you,,yes you budak pendek yg buff yg maen rugby untuk UPM,,
if you somehow reading this,,
just wanna say thanx,,
thanx for ignoring me,,
this somehow help me to let go of,,
let go of everything maybe,,
even the fact that we are best friend,,that we always text each other,,
saying gud luck and stuff,,
yup,,your ignorance help me to let go of those stuff,,
if dulu,,i cant even imagine living without your text or your call,,
but now,,i somehow manage to even un-memorize ur number,,
and,,we can act like a complete stranger now,,
and nope,,
i dun want that stranger-friend-bestie-morethanbestielessthanlover-lover-enemies-stranger cycle to ever repeat again,,
lets put a major fullstop here,,
you,,me,,stranger,,done ayte,,
great :)

p.s. semoga bahagia dgan cokelat maniz anda,,she'll all you want since forever kan,,so,,be happy with her,,insyaallah aku doakan ko,,amin :)
p.s.s July is when he confess,, :) i used to always wanna go back to July and make my NO to YES effin' YES!!!!i want you too!!! but,,yup,,not anymore,,i am not a child,,i cant cry over a lose toy forever ayte?yup,,peace yaw!!! :p

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