Friday, May 6, 2011

its over baybeh!!!

hey yaw people!!!
okee,,guess im gonna start my post with hye yaw people for a while,,
blame it on those bad ass oppa,,their hip hop ghost kindda enter me,,
just that im not as cool,,
nway,,just updating that i just finished my last paper this morning,,
how glad!!!
and the best part is that i kindda can answer all the question given,,
thanks Allah,,cause every thing that i feel like wanna read were actually comes out on the paper,,
hope this paper gonna back up my other paper that i kindda mess up a little here and there,,
but still,,not gonna expect much,,
yup,,as i learn,,expectation is root of all heartache,,
so,,yup,,expect less,,hurt less,,
so i guess i need to clear up my room tonight,,
haw emm jayy,,how i hate clear up room,,
and we have to do this every effin' sem!!!
ughh ayte??
anyhow,,im still excited that this fourth sem has ended,,
and a long four month of holidays are waiting,,
gosh how awesome is that!!!!
ronggeng lah people!!!
but during this 4 month i wanna complete one mission,,
and if could,,i wanna do some part time job,,
me need money people!!!
okeee,,this post has mumbling too much,,
and the words are kindda lame,,
so i just gonna stop here,,
ttyl people,,
have a great holiday!!! wheeeee~~~

p.s. fyi,,i dun really entertain strangers,,except the hawt,,tall,,dark and handsome one,,yup,, :)

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