Sunday, August 28, 2011

hey angle you duh sexy!!!

hello people,,
for those who are vlogger or youtube comedy addict,,
you guys should really love this guy,,
its John Luc,,or better know as mychonny,,
chonny's is an Australian,,but he's an Asian,,
yeahhhh another funny Asian i found adorable after Ryan Higa!!!
Chonny is a Vietnamese mix with Chinese i think,,
and he's tagline are "hey angle you duh sexy" and "do you clean the toilet yet?"
he's craziely funny and an adorable idiot!!!haha XD
he's video are superb and just awesome,,so cute and damn hilarious!!!i cant even stop laughing!!! XD
check out his vid on youtube yeahh,,do subscribe him!!!
here are some of his vid,,and these just some of the best,,

B+ again?!!! YOU DIE!!!! XD

you want some juice? my God!!! ROFL!!!

he basically have four you tube channel,,
its mychonny  where he made like acting or situation video,,usually he have these vary characters,,
the popular characters are his dad and his mom,,damn LOL okeee,,
second channel is yourchonny,, this channel basically like a stand up comedy,,like off the pills in nigahiga's channel,,you know,,and yeahh,,i love yourchonny better than mychonny,,because its damn hilariouser,, and he's shoooo cute!!!!
third one is chonnyday ,, this channel just show any bloopers from his other videos in mychonny or yourchonny and also his daily life as a chonny,,haha,,he's crazy,,so his vlog are funneyh all the time,,also featuring his best buddy fag,,well know as YO Fag!!!! haha,,you gonna love him too,,but chonny is cuter,,of coz!!!
the last channel is chonnygame,, i never watch any vid from this channel coz yeah,,im not a gamer,,but chonny is a hardcore gamer,,so he kindda like suggesting games or i dunno,,games thingies lah in this channel,,for those who love to play games should watch this channel maybe,,
and his dad will sometimes appear in his video,,, 
and his dad are damn funneyhh too!!!!haha,,
in chonnyday,,you'll spot his sister,,but chonny never reveal his sister face,,only the feet sometimes,, -.-"
and some fans are just eager to look at his sister face,,lol,, especially the boys,,lolollll
and yup,,chonny is a big fan of kpop,,how cool eyh?
and he's so crazy over SNSD,, especially Jessicuhhhh~ hahaha,,Jessica lorrr,,
i hate SNSD but yeahhhh its okay,,i love chonny,,
so yeah people,,do watch him on youtube,,
or buy his 'hye angle you duh sexy' t-shirt,,do subscribe him yahh,,
ouh yeah,,his jokes are kinnda,,urmmm how to say eyh,,harsh??nope,,urmm,,his jokes are ridiculously funny so he kinnda curse lots than nigahiga did,,so yeahh,,be open minded eyh,,hehehe,,he's cute,,you gonna love him,,i promise mehhh,,
okee people,,ttyl,,

p.s. hye angle you duh sexy,,deyyyyymnnn~ Asians rocks the you tube mehhhh,, XD  


nazalya said...

diz guy sgt kewl.. haha.. br watch vid dier laz week.. another kewl asians..

lalalialia said...

he's damn cute!!!love him much!!!