Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the girl who cannot break up,,
the boy who cannot leave,,
is  love that tiring?
just wondering,,how can old couple stay with their spouse together until forever,,
while the young ones keeps on wandering and changing spouses after spouses,,
maybe stick with only one person is a bit tiresome nowadays huh?
people come people go,,
love comes love go,,
nobody stay,,
and it just scary,,
since everybody seems to left you now,,
make you believe that you gonna be alone,,forever,,
i hate it,,
i hate being alone,,
who gonna find the candle when there is blackout?

who gonna put a smile back on my face after drying my tears?
                                                   i hate being alone,,
i hate it when its dark,,and i'm alone,,
and who gonna be there?

song played : the girl who cannot break up,the boy who cannot leave by Lessang

enjoy the song people,,

p.s. i dun wish to alone until forever,,i do wanna spouse too,,but make it legal,,aminn,,insyallah

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