Monday, August 15, 2011

oppps ouh,,
getting that flattering feeling again,,
a crush maybe,,
homaii,,i can get a crush after all the bullshit i've been getting from boys lately,,
he's not that handsome nor cute,,
he just attractive,,
he's funny and mature,,
a crush?
haha,,this is funny lala,,
a crush is a crush,,
it won't go anywhere further or lesser,,
x pe jugak,,ade jugak pemangkin semangat dlam organisasi tuh,,hehe :p
ouh yup,,this is crush,,adek yuna bukan crush,,just suke sbb dye cute,,
okee ttyl,,

p.s only now i can differentiate which feeling is which,,haha,,noob!!!
p.s.s since i am so lazy and dun really got time to online yelah sbb kene jage adek2 smakl kuh itu,,so post psal Sarawak mmg lmbt lg,,lmbt betul,,hehe,, :p 

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