Tuesday, August 9, 2011

well,,he made my day,,
unknowingly the present of him heal my moody feel,,
you're amazing lah adek,,
it kindda sad to leave this work by the end of this month,,
should i ask for his number?
his 15 lala,,for under-age-boy's sake!!!!
i hope he grow up handsomely and we will meet again,,
haha,,silly -.-"
but seriously lah kan,,
okee mmg silly,, 
ouh ney dekat tmpat keje,,1st time dpat access smakl punye wifi,,
noob kan,,mmg -.-"
okee lah,,saje trying smakl punye wifi,,haha,,
ttyl people,,

p.s. ade org tuh hide wall dye,,yelah dah menyampah kot aku dok stalk dye,,hahaha,,fine lah,,bak kate pantun jejah,,pinggan x retak,nasik x dingin,,org x ndak,,aku lg x hingin,,hahahaha XD so yup,,go hide or go die i dun care i dun mind,, :p

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