Wednesday, August 10, 2011

too many things happen in less than 30 minutes !!!
feel like wanna burst into tears but my ego just won't let me,,
i seriously feel that i get involve with too many wrong people this last two years,,
it suck,,it does,,
what more sucks is that you have to face them for another two years,,
working,,dealing with them,,
ugggghhhh ayte?
i have to be strong,,
omg i seriously gonna explode now,,
how can i even work with these people next sem lah,,
especially these three people,,
i just cannot escape,,need to bear it for the next two years,,damn!!!
omg i can't even explain how annoyed i am right now,,
even breathing won't help,,,
ok lala ok,,chill,,
remember,,that college is huge,,
there are so many others that are actually good to you,,
anis ade,,kak chan ade,,kak era,,ana,,duncit,,abin,,
rmai lah rmai,,
think of these people k,,
dun let what had happen that made u keluar baris last year happen again,,
i drop off from the line because of that one person,,
and only now i realize how stupid i am making such a decision,,
i never thought about the others that actually there for me,,
kawan2 lain tuh,,
i seriously need to improve my self in making a better decision so that i will never regret it later,,
the same in this matter,,
just bear with it,,
be professional even its killing you,,
you should keep your friend close,,but keep ur enemy closer,,
fuhhhh,,i can do this,,i can!!!
i will,,insyaallah,,

p.s. cepat lah aku bersih,,rindu DIA,,nak sujud,,jiwa x kan kacaw dah mcam ney lg,,kuatkan aku Ya Allah,,


Anonymous said...

sabar and ikhlaskan your heart okay. every jodoh and pertemuan yang Allah tetapkan utk kita, mesti ada sebab dia. tak ada benda yang bergerak tanpa izin Allah kan. tu smua Dia yang tetapkan. there's reason why you jmpa dengan orang2 cmtu. ingat babe; hablum minAllah wa hablum minannas. jaga relation dgn Allah and also dengan manusia. tp kena ingat, relation dgn manusia tu lah yang susah klu nak compare kita jaga relation dengan Allah. sbb manusia ni bermacam2. so, be strong ya. insyaAllah dipermudahkan everything for you, ea =)

lalalialia said...

thanx babe :)