Wednesday, September 14, 2011

when we changed things,,

hye there people,,
lets post something to educate you people,,
okee,,did you guys ever realize,,we changed things a lot,,
yah yah,,us the human,,
we changed lot of things,,some things are good but some are just ugly,,
let me list some of the changes we have done maybe without us knowing

  • the climate,,yah yah,,blame us for the climate changed,,remember all the plastic we've been used? the air conditioner that we love? the my-car-is-my-car-you-commoners-may-not-hop-along attitude? remember these?so yah,,we are the criminals of the drastic climate changes,,
  • the animals extinction,,ouh?nothing to do with us?ouh?we didnt killed those innocents beasts? really?you think so? well,let look closely,look around us,can you see any forest around you?nope?no even a bit ayte? so yah,those modern concrete jungle we've been proud of had killed and even extinct the animals,we unknowingly had took away their habitat or their home,,well lets imagine when somebody took away our home,our shelter,our food source,our reproductive partner,well, can we survive then? yah maybe yes and maybe not. As for these animals, when their natural habitat is being disturb or destroy,they take a lot of time to adapt to a new environment, they might become very weak in the process might as well die. See? how cruel are us ayte?
  • the ecosystem,, how? well,as we are the criminals behind the climate changed as well as the extinction of the animals,so yah we do changed the ecosystem, not to a better ecosystem,but to a worse ecosystem to be  
okee dear people,, did you know that global warming nowadays had already melt the Arctic ice. Can you imagine how terrible the climate had changed?
So, as the ice started to melt,the sea level will definitely rise right? of coz,,the ice will melt become water and the sea level will rise for sure.
so what happen then? well,when the sea level keep on rising,it will changes the tide flow in the sea,this somehow disturb the ecosystem in the sea. 
For an interesting example, as this tide changes direction, it will wash along the plankton, and these plankton are the food source for the school of sardines. When the sardines cannot finds their food, they might becomes weak, or might as well migrates along with the tide,well when these sardines disappear in some of the system in the sea, many, in fact too many sea creatures lost their food source !!!
this might be unbelievable, but most of the sea creatures such as the dolphins, the sharks, the sea lions, even the seagulls depends on sardines for their food.
Can you imagine if somehow some day these school of sardines disappear permanently from this world? 
can you imagine how many sea creatures lost their food source? and they might be as well extinct from this phenomena.
well,, can you see now? how small inhumanly changes we have done had changes the world or might change the world someday?
do we want our earth's treasure to just disappear right before our eyes?
don't we adore those cute dolphins? those adorable tigers and elephants?
so yah,,at least have a bit of responsible as well as knowledge in science or the environment education.
we're not only helping our self, we might as well helping our future generation.
let change the earth to be a better place to live in,,
for more education information,, you guys can always go to the WWF web,, the PETA web,, 
or even watch some Discovery, National Geographic,or Animal Planet documentary.
thanx for reading people,,
remember, we dont wanna lose our precious sardines!!!
so lets start change to be a better human !!!
ttyl :p

p.s. hehe,,do you think the dolphins will thanx me for this post? hehe i hope so! i love em' i just adore the animals,,so cute meh!!! 

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