Monday, September 12, 2011

quick random stuff

  • holidays is so over der !!! ughhh ayte??
  • back to school so blur so pathetic -.-" i know
  • i got lost today for my second class how noob right? yah yah
  • in the middle of getting lost,,someone say 'oitt' look down,,its him,,haha,,yah we still awkward when face to face,,yah yah i know,,loser kan,,kt im kt skype kt msg gangster2 dpan2 awkward -.-"
  • ade junior tanye tempat kuliah dye,,siap ade peta lg!!! homaii how determine is him!!! and yah,,again i dont really memorize jalan2 ney,,so yeah,,i let him get lost by himself,,poor u lil kiddo :( sorry yer akak pun sesat T.T
  • i miss my adek yuna and my kakak koop position,,yeahh mmg,,time keje ckap bosan dah x keje rindu pulak,,mmg,,but 80% of the rindu part is rindu-ing adek yuna,,haha :p
  • i got single room this sem,,so no roommate,,at 1st i thought it would be cool but somehow its pretty lonely,,i felt like a loser who live alone,,haiyoh -.-" glad i bring Takee along :)
  • ouh,,there's a boy,,and yup he's quite charming,,and so funny,,how ugly is that he's a jerk,,maybe a bit of crush coz im still loyal to my adek yuna LOL :p
  • im so noob at photoshop,,need to learn fast,,or else i'll be good for NOTHING -.-"
  • i register late for my organic chemist class,,so i end up alone,,naseb ade moi mia kembar,,haha,,gonna miss Anis some how,, :p
  • well,,i sense its gonna be a fun semester but maybe a bit busy dizzy? hope everything will be just fine,,
  • finally,,i miss mia Z girls,, icha,,kakak,,kikir,,and of coz mia mama n babah,,damn much!!!
  • and yeah i know no one care bout this random shit,,i know i know 
  • ouh yeah,,junior2 ramai comel2 kacak2 :) sejak2 bertukar taste dr talldarkhandsome ke budak2 muda yg comel ala2 Justin Bieber,,so yahh im quit excitod,,lololollllllll XD
  • ok da,,ttyl
  • fullstop.

p.s. nothing special for this p.s. just saying im gonna cont my sleep,,i got scared last night,,i cant even sleep soundly,,coward like a chicken? yah i know -.-"


Azi Huhu said...

alaaa, kakak koop, past la kita anak ikan 1. tp kt xnk bdk smakl kt nak adik2 UPM <3

lalalialia said...

haha,,budak smakl lg comel okee