Thursday, December 15, 2011

why eyh dear?
why cant you just grow up?
i know its cute sometimes for to act very immature,,
its adorable,,
but not all the time,,
sometimes you just cant let others get in your way,even if its the right thing to do,,
you not gonna win all the games,,
not all your words are right lah syg,,
sometimes you need to ask before you fire,,
so immature you are,,
why dear why?
i know,,by saying this does not make me any better or any adultier,,aldutier is not even a word,,i know,,
but yeah,,i cant say much,,im nobody to you,,
i hate it when people talk bad bout you,,
saying stuff bout you,,criticizes you and your way,,
i hate it,,but they do have the right to say so,,
i cant stand hearing stuff bout you,,it hurt,,
but again,,im nobody to you,,
even if you meant the world to me,,
it still worthless,,
yeah,,hopeless trying to defend someone you love but he never gonna get it,,
yeah i should shut up now or else i may sound more stupid than before,,

p.s. entah megapa engkau yang aku cinta,,mungkin lebih baik kau ku lepas saja - Penakut by Yuna

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