Saturday, February 26, 2011


what happen when we get tired of the everyday life??
what happen when we decide to undecide what we had decided??
what happen when we can't find the reason to move on??
what happen when we get tired of the repeated cycle??
what happen when we find quitting is amazing??
what happen when nothing is our goal while everything is our burden??
what will happen eyh??
i don't know,,
i don't know what people will do when they feel like this,,
i'm tired,,
fucking tired,,
at this age,,
i gain nothing,,
and i'm tired,,
when i can't find the motivation,,
when i stop finding the hope,,
when i don't see the joy anymore,,
what to do eyh??
endure it??
its funny en en,,
after 17 years of struggling with books and knowledge,,
i feel like wanna quit,,
and find something new,,
learn the other way,,new way,,
not this same way,,
this repeated things way,,
where i learn nothing,,
where i just learn to passed my exam,,
i'm tired of those judging passing marks,,
i'm tired of working out my brain while my heart refuse it,,
so tired,,
what is the conclusion dear ALLAH??
im seeking YOUR opinion,,
i keen for YOUR help,,
i wanna be new dear ALLAH,,
i wanna be new,,
im tired,,

p.s. please do help me ya ALLAH,,amin,,


faizdz said...

"if u can stand no more, maybe its time to change"

things happen for reason, and its ur job to find what's hidden behind it.
Allah tu kan maha segalanya, usaha and tawakal, doa. insyaAllah He'll grant all ur wishes. what's important, never give up!

nah, here's some heart soother for u: dan janganlah kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya tiada berputus asa dari rahmat Allah melainkan kaum yang kafir.” -Surah Yusuf ayat 12.

and this one is my fav :)
Allah makbul kan doa hambaNya melalui 3 cara:
1) ALLAH perkenankan ketika itu juga 

2) ALLAH tidak perkenankan ketika itu tetapi ALLAH mengabulkannya di akhirat sana. ada pendapat mengatakan ALLAH tidak makbulkan kerana ALLAH mengetahui yang kita mohon itu bukan terbaik untuk kita ketika itu

3) ALLAH menukarkan permintaan kita dengan diselamatkan daripada musibah yang menimpa kita. kadar musibah itu sama dengan permintaan kita

take care!

faizdz said...

alah, din realise panjang gile my commnt. soooorrry if it bothers u, if so, delete je lah ea :)

lalalialia said...

awwhh dear faiz,,,thanx :)
tuh lah,,i sangt2 down,,
smpai rase maybe this study thingies just not for me,,
tp bnyak bende i wat untuk give up,,then slalu x jd,,then i realize yg ALLAH pown x maw i give up,,
yup,,i wont give up,,
nk cari semangat tuh balek,,
and i wanna seek HIS advise all along,,sbb kdang2 selalu terlupa,,
thanx faiz,, :)

faizdz said...

yeayy. tats the spirit! be strong kayy. kejappp je lagi, then u grad. problems come and go and life can be messy sometimes. u cant run away frm any of those. maybe u need a getaway plan ke or maybe u kna buat things that u realllly love, that u've been longing to do it. buat lah, maybe just a day for only u. dont stress up. tak pun kan, maybe u blh topup bbyak, call all ur love ones. HAHAHAHA. might work out tau, sebab im sure they are the reasn ur stil standing strong by urself out there, kan? i know ur stronger than this **eventhough i dont know u, but somehow i just knew, sbbbb raaaaamai sgt orang yang syg u. dun forget tat!