Friday, March 4, 2011

i need a break,,
that's all im asking for,,
a break,,
maybe cik Alya were right,,
maybe i need to make an appointment as well,,
maybe talking to a total strangers is the best way,,
a professional strangers,,
next week,,i wanna make that appointment,,
im going crazy here,,
have a nice day people,,
dun be like mine,,
full of wasted stuff,,
i wanna change things,,
but however it turns out the same,,
all the time,,
i need help,,
i need a break,,
and i need a total non judging listener,,
and i cant wait to be clean back,,
i wanna recite the Holy Quran,,
that is the best pain killer i trust,,
going back to HIM and sujud,,

p.s. its a lonely week,,even im surrounded with people,,with dear friends,,with foods,,with stuff,,its still lonely,,damn lonely,,


nazalya said...

and ask to meet mr.ammar..
its da bez to tell sum1 what u feel than keep all those pain inside ur heart.. our heart is small and we never know how long it can take all the pain and hurt..

lalalialia said...

you're right dear,,
this last two week was kindda too much for me to handle,,
all the drama,,all the assgment,,
a lot,,too much,,